Ascertain The Colors Of Inks And Related Products To Add Vibrancy

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Choosing best quality of inks is a major factor which the manufacturers must consider by the manufacturers to formulate the innovative colors and inks. Formulating inks to generate attractive colors is based on the methodology of spectrophotometric assessment. This is typically done by the manufacturers in ink industries. Technological developments like color measurement instruments and software help to formulate the inks of appropriate colors perfectly to fulfill the requirement of different printing mediums where the actual assessment of inks can be calculated using the custom ink formulation that accomplishes the requirements of customers. The inks are developed on the basis of colors. Therefore, it is also necessary to measure the colors of the inks in ink industry to add vibrancy to the inks.

Color Control in Ink Industry Controlling the colors of the products in ink industry is an important process that should be followed to attain the level of quality and consistency. The printing process is responsible for the entire printing job and also for the whole printing process. Hence, the color measurement instruments must be considered by the operators in the printing press for different types of material to test the color quality of the inks before commencing the printing process.

Inks Color Measurement instruments are used widely in ink manufacturing industries to check the color quality of the inks. For example, the spectrophotometer is one of the best color measurement devices which are used to read the color bars efficiently. The color bars are the sample patches of solid inks, overprints and special patterns to test the printing characteristics.

There are many things that must be considered in ink manufacturing industries like dot gain, density, apparent trap, dot area and print contrast that allows the press operator to detect and rectify all press color measurement issues. Measuring the color bars between different printed sheets helps to determine the small defects in the various ink patterns on the same page and contributes to identifying the changes that are used for various printing characteristics.Testronix offers a wide range of color measurement instruments to measure the colors of inks. The majorly used color measurement instruments among the wide range are TP 60CP, TP110, TP 810 spectrophotometer.  These are highly effective color measurement instrument that helps to solve the problem color measurement.

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