5 Easy Tips for Maintaining Testronix Salt Spray Chamber

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The metals are prone to get corroded over time and therefore, this property of metals is a major concern for those working in the metal industry. The corrosion will lead to permanent failure of products and will also affect your reputation. Therefore, if you are working in a metal industry like automotive parts manufacturing or a related one, then we suggest you go with Testronix Salt spray chamber-PVC. This is one of the amazing testing instruments that will help you to measure the corrosion resistance of coatings when exposed to a highly corrosive environment. This environmental chamber comes with leak-proof ability and has been compiled with industry standards like ASTM B117. Thus, you can easily make use of this testing instrument to make sure that you deliver the best quality products to your customers.

If you have already purchased this testing instrument from us then we have come up with some amazing tips that will help you to maintain this testing machine. But, if you are thinking to have this equipment to test your product quality, then simply give us a call at +91 9313 140 140 or email us at info@testronixinstruments.com. We will assist you with your query.

Now, let us dig deep into the information about the Testronix salt spray chamber-PVC model and some useful tips to maintain this testing equipment.

How Testronix salt spray chamber helps to improve your product quality?

Manufacturers working in the metal industry may face catastrophic failures in products that may lead to the loss of their business. But do you know that these failures can be overcome with the help of the Testronix salt spray chamber? The main purpose of this testing instrument is to test the resistance of metal surface coatings in a salt-laden environment. Once you test the corrosion resistance of your products, then you will be able to improve your product quality with ease. No product rejections, therefore, increased profits. Thus, you should consider having this testing instrument in your quality testing laboratories.

It comes with various advanced features that make this testing instrument unique from others. Here we have created a list of features and technical specifications of this testing instrument.

Features of Testronix salt spray chamber-PVC model

  • Consists of testing solution inlet for accurate results
  • Inbuilt control panel for set precise parameters
  • Measuring barrel for salt collection
  • Robust and corrosion-proof equipment
  • Specimen Viewing canopy transparent
  • The angle of canopy designed as per standards for accurate test results
  • 100% compliance to ASTM B117
  • Optional accessories:
  1. Air saturator
  2. Fog collection unit
  3. Touch screen HMI computerized interface
  4. pH meter

Technical specifications:

  • Compressed Air Pressure - 1.0~6.0 Kgf
  • Spray Volume - 1.0~2.0ml /80cm2 /h(working at least 16 hours, and take the average
  • value)
  • Lab Temperature - Saline test (NSS ACSS) 35±1 C & Corrosion Test
  • Pressure chamber Temperature - Saline test method / Corrosion Test
  • Saline Concentration - 5% concentration of NaCl, or every Liter 5% NaCl add 0.26g
  • Size of testing specimen - 150x70mm or 100x65mm
  • Pressure adjustment - 1.00± 0.01kgf/cm2Saline Concentration - 5% concentration of NaCl, or every Liter 5% NaCl add 0.26g
  • Chamber Size L600 x W400x H450

Now, you get the idea of how this testing instrument serves to be beneficial for your metal manufacturing business. Here we have listed some easy-to-follow maintenance tips for salt spray chamber.

5 easy to follow maintenance tips for Testronix salt spray chamber-PVC model

The Testronix corrosion tester is one of the amazing testing instruments that provide you with the complete flexibility to simulate real-weathering conditions. This device can be used in industrial testing laboratories for research and analysis. You can easily create very high temperatures for testing and studying the effect of different painted metal substrates. Here are some useful tips that you must follow in order to maintain a salt spray chamber.

  • Whenever you make use of this testing chamber to test the corrosive properties of metals, then you can clean the salt solution sponge filter.
  • You should also clean the tip of the atomizer after every 400 hours of the test.
  • The Main Chamber tank should be cleaned twice a year.
  • Clean the solution line by providing a high amount of pressure on a quarterly basis.
  • Reservoir Tank should be cleaned quarterly.

Follow these tips to make sure that your salt spray chamber will be used for a longer time. To know more about its technical features, call us at +91 9313 140 140 or email us at info@testronixinstruments.com. Our technical experts will provide you with effective information about this testing instrument so that you can deliver the quality of products to your customers.

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