In the booming industry of cosmetic, achieving the right color consistency is highly important as it is one of the factors that influence fresh customers as well as existing ones. The importance of obtaining accurate and constant color requirements is raising the need for cosmetic manufacturers to measure and evaluate color. In this blog section, we will throw some light on the use and importance of cosmetics color measurement tools.

Cosmetic manufacturers understand the importance of consistency and color matching requirements and work very hard to keep their consumers satisfied. Evaluating cosmetic color pigments is vital for generating quality formulations that consumers can depend upon. Color measurement technology not only simplifies this process but ensures repeatable quality every time.

Due to their water solubility, cosmetic color pigments make up the majority of colorants used in decorative cosmetics. The two main types of colorants are organic and inorganic pigments, which are available in an assortment of combinations that can differ greatly in both texture and appearance. Organic and inorganic colorants are available in both powdered and liquid form. Since quantification of these pigments depends greatly on the appearance and/or texture of the colorant, choosing the right method of color evaluation is imperative.

Since reflectance and absorption values vary based on sample type (liquid or powdered), understanding the versatility of your color measurement instrumentation is also necessary for achieving desired results. Raw pigment powders, for example, are often measured to ensure lot-to-lot consistency as well as color accuracy of the final powder-based cosmetics. Using a Directional 45°/0° reflectance geometry is preferred here because it most accurately represents human color perception.

Testing instruments such as Testronix TP20XE can be your solution for cosmetics color measurement. It is a handy and portable color measurement instrument which works on illumination or viewing geometry of 45°/0°. The device provides the measuring aperture of 20mm. As suggested by the name of the device, the instrument has biggest aperture when comparing with other color measurement devices.

Moreover, the device ensures high accuracy that offers the best performance. The instrument is widely used in the color measurement field as it helps to eradicate the errors which are generally found between color tester and human eyes by surface strip while judging the critical value of specimen colors.

Key specifications presented with the device:

  • The instrument offer an illumination and viewing geometry of 45°/0° for accurate measurement.
  • It provides cross location and illumination location both.
  • The machine provides LED Blue light sources.
  • It is incorporated with silicon photo electronic array type light sensor.
  • The measuring aperture is Φ20mm.
  • The machine provides color spaces which includes CIEXYZ, CIEL*a*b*C*h, CIEL*a*b
  • It observes the object in D65 light.
  • The dimension of the instrument is 205 * 67 * 80 mm.

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