Snack & Food Color Measurement

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Snacks Color Measurement

Today people have become so foodie that they have completely changed the traditional eating pattern from three meals per day to eight or nine meals per day. This has happened due to the availability of the healthier snacks on the large scale. This healthier snack has outpaced the unhealthy snacks to a certain limit. With the increasing demand for healthier, nutritious snacks and mini meals many popular snacks produce are trying to enhance the quality of their products. The major factor that influences the quality of the snacks is the Colors that are used in processing the snack food. The snacks producers are making use of best color measurement instruments to ensure the color quality of the snacks. This is a major attribute that influence the customer behavior while purchasing the snack foods.


Snacks foods are relatively available in the form of roasted nuts, potato chips, candies, peanut butter, crackers and many more. The tastes and the flavors offered by the products are sour, sweet, salty, bitter, metallic, savory and pungent. Hence, the measurement techniques for all the products depend on the type of the snack food which includes non-homogeneous, coarse and irregular shaped food products.

Most of the snack food are opaque in nature and can be measured easily only with the help of color measurement instrument that provides the reflectance viewing angle of 45°/0°. This is the geometrical mode that exactly matches the way as the human eye do. It is vital that the color measurement instrument provides the large viewing area as the snack food samples need to place in a bowl or petri dish.

Testronix offers best color measurement solutions to the producers of Snacks in the form of spectrophotometers, portable devices, precision instruments and many more to add the best quality and taste to the products.