Roofing Color Measurement

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Color Measurement Solutions for Roofing

A roof is a major element that protects a business or home. In addition to its practical function, roofing plays a significant role in the design and overall performance of these structures. A modern roofing solution offers more freedom of choice in terms of appearance, shape, color and texture from the simplest to highly advanced grade. Whether it is a painted steel, slate material, shingle, Round or A-Frame Type roofs, or the material which is used on cable, ensuring the colors of the roofing materials that significantly make a dissimilarity in the exterior appearance and harmony of the house or business that it protects.


Roofing material are widely used in building material in various types, from traditional designs to aesthetically painted metals, from ceramics to formed terracotta and clay. Due to the extensive use of these materials and applications, Testronix offers many choices of Roofing color measurement instruments to fulfill the requirement of both color measurement requirements in the production department and for testing requirements in laboratories.

Generally, most of the customers ask for the tools with directional geometry of 45°/0° as a measure of quality control that helps to measure the color that can’t be measured easily by the human beings from a normal eye and that can efficiently capture the effect of colors, the effect of texture and gloss of the material. The viewing angle provided by the instruments of Testronix is highly efficient that helps to measure the colors of opaque materials that can be viewed easily by the end users.