Powder Color Measurement

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Color Measurement Solutions for Powders

Chemicals in the form of powders are used in various industries like food, coatings, building materials, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, cleaning materials and many more. Whether you wants to measure the blue of copper benzoate, the white of calcium carbonate, deep magenta color if cobalt chloride hexahydrate or the green color of nickel chloride, Testronix is providing best color measurement solutions to various industries from last so many years and all the leading chemicals manufacturers relies on the measurement solutions that are offered by Testronix to ensure the quality of the products and to enhance the color consistency of the materials that they use in their products.


The colors of the powders like raw pigments powders, limestone powders are usually measured as an quality control measure that ensure the consistency of raw materials and to ensure color accuracy of the final product like baking powder and cosmetic facial powder. The most preferred method to measure the colors of the powders is using a instrument that have an viewing angle of 45°/0° that helps to measure the color of the powders the same way as the human eye does. This angle is provided in the color measurements solutions that are provided by the Testronix to measure the colors of opaque materials that can be viewed by the customers.