Plastic Bottle Color Measurement

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Color measuring solutions for Plastic Bottles

The plastic bottles play a vital role in marketing of different products across different production verticals. Different industries use different size, shape and colors of bottles for branding of their products so that they can appeal the customers in a better way. The color of the bottles plays a vital role in this. The industries need to ensure the best color consistency and quality of the plastic bottles so that they could attract the customers easily. The Color measuring instruments offered by Testronix are highly helpful for the industries in ensuring the best color quality of the bottles.


There are diverse types of plastic bottles are used in different industries and like all other plastic products; the bottles can be opaque, translucent or transparent. The color quality of any bottle is of very much importance as the color of bottles helps in branding of the product that is packaged in them. Testronix offers highly efficient color measuring instruments that are capable of measuring the color consistency of all the types of plastic bottles regardless of their level of transparency.

Opaque bottles

When measuring the color of an opaque bottle, one should use an instrument that specializes in measuring the objects that impenetrable by light. A spectrophotometer with 450/ 00 viewing angle would be best for that. It measures the color just as the human eye sees it. This instrument evaluates the color as well as the texture component of the sample. If one wants to measure the color and not the texture component then d/80 reflectance geometry must be used for best evaluation.

Translucent Bottles

The translucent bottles are the ones that can partially allow the light to pass through them. In order to test the color consistency of these bottles, both transmittance and reflectance type instruments can be used to it.

Transparent bottles

The transparent bottles are the ones that completely allow the light to pass through them and hence to test the color quality of these products, only transmittance type color measuring instruments should be used.