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    Plaque Color Measurement

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  • Color measuring solutions for Plastic Plaques

    A plastic plaque is a widely used plastic component that is used as a test specimen for various testing procedures of plastic products. The plaque is made in a form of a block or a plate with the help of compression molding and is used for testing colors and other properties of the whole lot from which it is made. The plastic plaques are also used to serve as a color catalog of the products manufactured by a manufacturer of plastic products. As the plaque serves as a standard of quality of the products manufactured a producer, it is essential to test the quality of these plastic plaques. Testronix offers a wide range of color measuring instruments that can provide best data about the color quality of the plaques.


    The plastic plaques are available in different consistency, sizes and colors as they are used for testing procedures and display purposes, it is important to ensure that the dimensions and color consistency of the plaques is of highest level. This implies that the bets color measuring instruments are used for testing the color quality of the plaques. The plaques are available in different levels of transparency and hence different instruments are used for different types of plastic plaques for best color measuring results.

    Opaque Plaques

    The opaque plaques dob not allow the light to penetrate them hence only the reflectance type color measuring instruments can be used for effective and efficient color measurement of the opaque plaques.

    Translucent Plastic plaques

    The translucent plaques are the one that allow partial transmittance of light through them. The degree of the light that can penetrate the plaque decides which type of color measuring instrument should be used for a particular type of plaque. Both transmittance and reflectance type color measuring instruments should be used for color measurement of translucent plastic plaques.

    Transparent Plaques

    The transparent plaques allow the light to penetrate completely the plaques hence only transmittance type color measuring instruments must be used for color measurement of Transparent plastic plaques.

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