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    Pharmaceutical liquid products such as syrups, mixtures,

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  • Color Measuring Solutions for Pharmaceutical Liquids

    Pharmaceutical liquid products such as syrups, mixtures, and solutions are used for treating patients who find it difficult to swallow easily the tablets and gel capsules. These liquid products are usually packaged in transparent containers where they can easily be seen by the customers. The major brands related to pharmaceuticals all over the world understand the fact that color of the products has a prominent role regarding the decision of the customer to buy the product. This is why most of the pharmaceutical manufacturers emphasize the choice of the best possible color for a product to entice the customers to buy their products. Along with right color choice, it is also essential to measure the color consistency and quality of the products. Testronix offers best solutions for color measurements of pharmaceutical products.


    The type of liquid helps in deciding which type of color measuring instrument should be used for color measurement of that liquid. Here are some indications.

    Opaque liquids

    Opaque liquids are the ones that do not allow the light to pass through them. It would be best to use a reflectance type color measuring instrument with a 450/00 viewing angle.

    Translucent liquids

    For translucent liquids, different degree of translucency will need a different type of color measuring solution. For translucent liquids, both the transmittance and reflectance type instrument will work according to the extent of translucency exhibited by the test sample.

    Transparent Liquids

    The transparent liquids are the ones that allow the light to pass through them with very little or no interruptions. For such types of liquids, only transmittance type instrument should be used for best assessment of color quality.

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