Meat Color Measurement

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Color Measuring Solutions for Meat Products

The color of meat is a prominent factor that affects the minds of the consumers as the color is directly related to the quality and freshness of meat products. When customers enter a butcher shop, they look for the best color like the red color for beef, pink color for pork, different colors for chicken and so forth. If the color of a meat product is even slightly different from the one he is expecting, there are no chances that he will purchase that meat. Due to this, the producers of meat need to ensure best color consistency for the products they produce. Testronix is one of the premium manufacturers and suppliers of high-efficiency color measuring instruments that are used by meat producers all across the globe.


The color measuring instruments offered by Testronix are used by many major meat producers all across the globe. Ours spectrophotometers, portable and precision color measuring instruments are best for use in research facilities where there is research on meats products is conducted.

The color measurement procedure for meat products gives a standardized measure of the value of color for exact evaluation of freshness and quality of the meat products. During the processing and packaging of meat products, there are possibilities that there is variation in the color of the final products. To avoid this color variance in the final products, it is essential for the producers to use proper color measuring methods and instruments to ensure color consistency of the products produced by them. Testronix offers a wide array of color measuring instrument that are designed to provide most accurate and stable color measuring results and ensure the best quality of the products.