Lab Testing Instruments in Singapore

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Lab Testing Instruments in Singapore

Quality is a defining factor when it comes to the success of any product or service. In this competitive world, quality has become the market differentiator for almost all products and services. Quality control using Lab Testing Instruments in Singapore, is essential to building a successful business – one that effectively delivers products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

Forming the foundation of an efficient business that minimizes waste and operates at high levels of productivity, a quality control system should be able to provide a strong foundation for achieving a wide range of marketing and operational benefits. Such a system is usually based on a recognized standard, - such as ISO 9001 (which is published by the International Organization for Standardization)

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

All manufacturers and service providers are constantly looking at enhancing their product or the service quality. In order improve the quality of the offerings, manufacturers use two techniques, quality control and quality assurance. The purpose is not only to ensure that the end product or the service meets the quality requirements, but also that it complies with standards defined for the product or the service.

ISO (International Standards Organization)

Among the many standards for quality, ISO (International Standards Organization) is one of the prominent bodies for defining quality standards for different industries. A globally accepted standard, ISO quality requirements are followed and adhered to by many organizations across the world.

Since standards have become a symbol for products and service quality, the customers are now keen on buying their product or the service from a certified manufacturer or a service provider. Complying with standards such as ISO has become a necessity, since it helps manufacturers in attracting the customers and assuring them that their product is of superlative quality.

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