Lab Testing Instruments in Bangkok, Thailand

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Lab Testing Instruments in Bangkok, Thailand

What is Laboratory Quality Control?
Laboratory quality control is highly important for industrial and consumer products. It is performed using Lab testing Instruments in Bangkok, Thailand as well as in other parts of the world. 

Quality Control Systems are put in place to eliminate the risk of non-conforming outcomes. It involves systems that safeguard the accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of lab results. QC tests are conducted at every stage of the production cycle by manufacturers in order to ensure early detection of results or measurement errors. 

Once a problem or error is detected, various procedures and protocols are followed to rectify them. Quality Control should be performed regularly by using Lab Testing instruments in Bangkok, Thailand.

During quality control, materials or products, should be treated the same as samples, from the beginning to the end of the run in the production cycle.
Benefits of Laboratory quality control (QC)

Failure to integrate quality control systems often leads to several negative consequences, including the following:

•    Time wastage, as experiments and tests are repeated.
•    Budget implications, as more reagents are needed to carry out repeat tests and experiments.
•    Unreliable results, which will impact the integrity of the lab and consequently any funding options and certification/accreditation process.
•    Loss of customer loyalty and satisfaction.
•    Safety concerns due to non-compliance in the absence of quality control mechanisms.
•    Delayed diagnosis or unnecessary treatments for patients.

Setting Up Quality Control Systems
The process of setting up laboratory quality control systems for management and maintenance of Quality involves the following:

1.    Firstly, manufacturers should identify all the lab processes and practices that are susceptible to inefficiencies/ errors/ and safety concerns
2.    In order to build systems which can avoid errors / lapses in quality manufacturers must procure reliable quality testing equipment.
3.    Tests should be performed at every stage of the production cycle.
4.    Results should be accurately analyzed and evaluated.

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