Glass Color Measurement

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Color Measuring Solutions for Glass

Glass provides numerous possibilities as a core structure and design constituent in the architectural environment because of its practicality and beauty. These architectural glasses are used in building a material that can unite an interior space with the outdoors that allows the creative usage of natural light to lighten the interior settings efficiently and to inspire the imagination of the designers to create aesthetic and elegant architectures. Testronix possesses vast experience in manufacturing the color measurement instrument to test the colors of the glass that are served to many customers in the area of glass manufacturing.


Controlling the colors of architectural glass is imperative to test the artistic intent and creativity of the designers and to decrease the cost of replacing the color panels of a particular glass.

Glass color measurement is achieved mainly in two ways: a simple transmission color measurement and reflectance measurement. The simple transmission color measurement explains the color of the glass which is observed from inside whereas the reflectance measurement of the coated side explains the color of the glass that are observed from outside. This helps to measure the thickness of the coating like AR.