Extruded Plastic Color Measurement

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Color Measurement Solutions For Extruded Plastics

The extruded plastics are widely used for a variety of uses at industries and domestic fronts. The vinyl siding, PVC pipes, plastic sheets, plastic films, weather shields, hoses and many other are ideal examples of extruded plastics. The extrusion process of these products includes melting of plastic resin and then the products are extruded into a continuous profile with the help of a mold or dies. The color quality of these products is also important for a better response from the customers. Testronix is a competent manufacturers and supplier of highly advanced color measuring instruments for extruded to the industries.


The production of extruded plastic is a complex process, and there is a need for extra care and attention in ensuring and maintaining best quality levels of the products. The same applies to the color quality of these plastic products. If the best color quality is not attained, it leads to wastage of materials, time and energy. This also leads to a lot of extra labor involved in rework and breakdown in the production line. For best results, it is essential for the manufacturers to measure the colors of the products efficiently and ensure the best color quality of the products. Testronix offers highly advanced and precise color measurement instruments that are capable of providing repeatable and stable operation for consistent color measuring results. The instruments offered by Testronix are easy to operate portable with high efficiency and precision that help in reducing the production cost of extruded products due to reduced rework.