Test the Color Consistency of Soaps, Face wash, and Shampoo Bottles

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Different face wash, soaps and shampoo bottle manufacturers choose a different color to back various products on the basis of the ingredients used and benefits of the product. During the production process, these colors are determined to maintain the color quality of the bottles. But how the different brands measure the color of the shampoo bottles to ensure the color quality?

Standard Procedure to Measure the Color of Bottles

The color of the shampoo, face washes and soap bottles can be measured using the color measuring device such as TP 800 spectrophotometers. The instrument is used to measure the colors objectively. Hence it becomes easy for the manufacturer to communicate the specific value of the color to others easily. This also helps the manufacturer to maintain the color harmony of the bottles that are manufactured in different lots.

  • The color of the bottles depends on the color quality of plastic pellets. Hence, to ensure the color of bottles, it is necessary to ensure the color quality of plastic pellets first. A petri dish is first filled up with the plastic pellet up to the depth of 25mm and placed in front of the measuring port. Then the test conditions such as color space, illumination are set to measure the color of plastic pellets, and the instrument offers the accurate value of pellet’s color.
  • After the test of pellet colors, these plastic pellets are converted to form the bottles by the means of blow molding. Then the color of molded bottles is measured using the reflectance mode of measurement.
  • Lastly, the color of bottle closure is measured to maintain the color consistency of closures Reflectance mode of analysis is also used to measure the color of closures. This is how the color of shampoo bottles as a whole is measured.

Key Features of TP800 Spectrophotometer

  • Provides 45 different ring-shaped illuminations with vertical viewing angle which complies to GB/T 3978, CIE No. 15.
  • It has integrated sphere of diameter 58 mm and LED light source is provided in the device for providing the illumination to the samples.
  • It has a photodiode array sensor which is made with silicon material, and the wavelength range of the instrument is 400 – 700 nanometers.
  • Reflectance range of the instrument is 0-200%

The color of the shampoo, face washes and soap bottles can be measured as a whole using Testronix Portable spectrophotometer, TP 800. For more information on the instrument, visit: www.testronixinstruments.com/

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