Role of Color Testing Tools in Food Industry

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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What’s looking tempting, must be tasting good, this is what food lovers perceive. Half of the food industry is making money solely with the appearance of the item. This is why every day we get to hear about different technologies that make food looks good. Chefs work on different techniques to make food look good. Use of eye-catching colours, chemistry, molecular gastronomy, molecular mixology, are some of the upcoming trends. These techniques are giving a new dimension to ordinary-looking items. Colours play an important role in enhancing the aesthetics, be it drinks, packaged food, processed food or what not. To control the excessive use of additive colours, FDA has made the regulations strict and stringent penalties are imposed on defaulter. In this post we will read about colorimeter.

This is why colour measurement instruments are becoming important. Big brands don’t want to earn negative publicity by doing something wrong. Thus, quality managers are relying on high-end instruments for keeping the quality in control.

How are colour measurement devices used in different industries?

Fresh food like fruits and vegetables have naturally attractive colours. They don’t require any alteration to look appealing. Here, the colour of items tells about its freshness. Any change in visual appearance tells about many properties like ripening, freshness, sweetness, sourness, bitterness and so on. Here, color measurement tools such as colorimeter, helps in segregating low-quality food good quality.

We are incorporating processed food into our diet like anything. Canned food, semi-cooked food, ready to eat food is gradually making spaces in our kitchens. To make them look like freshly cooked food, they are processed in such a way that they look like freshly cooked food. Some of the products have additive colours to keep their appeal natural. Other items like spaghetti, nachos, wafers, etc. we made to look resembled the colour of their raw material. For instance, nachos have a yellow appearance to make it look like corn. While spaghetti looks like the colour of all-purpose flour. Ample of colour control measures are taken in this industry as well to avoid any penalties from FDA.

This is indeed everyone’s favourite. Take it out from the refrigerator and straight into the oven, no hard work needed for good taste. Ice creams, their colours make everyone drool. All these frozen foods have additive colours to make them look natural and tempting.

Devices like Spectrophotometer, colorimeter, gloss meter are very popular in the food industry. They help in controlling the quantity of additive colours and managing quality. Testronix offers a wide range to satisfy the application specific colour testing needs.

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