Perform Spectral Color Measurement in Tinted Glasses

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Tinted Glasses are usually utilized in sunglasses or windows. Besides having distinct application, the functions are the same, protection from sun’s harmful UV rays.  The glass tinting is now popularly used in automobiles, homes, and in commercial building. The tinting can be developed with using a colored film or dye in the glass manufacturing process. Changes in the color can lead to changes in the degree of protection from UV radiations. Therefore, use of Spectrophotometer – TP 800 is vital for precise color measurement of tinted glasses.

The measurement can be done in liquid color measurement with dye or solid color measurement with colored film. Use Illumination geometry of 45/0 degree which is considered to be the best fit for studying the color in tinted glass. The device has an integrated sphere size of 58 mm in diameter. Has a wide display screen with touchscreen option. It is used for test value read-out an operation.

The range of wavelength it uses is from 400 to 700 nm. For liquid measurement, user can use the universal test component. It is a part of the color measurement accessories. Has a feature of automated calibration for white and black tuning prior testing samples. Offers an extended memory space with 15000 samples data space. Test reports can be downloaded using USB communication portal.

The tint of a window is decided as per the shade or hue it deliver after sunrays passes from it and the level of UV protection required. Therefore spectral assessment is required to see if the process is going on its decided path.

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