Measuring Color Additives Level in Beverages

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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It has always seen that the color additives are often introduced to liquid beverages to make their appearance. The colour of the beverage push the brain to assume its flavour. To impact this particular thing, additives are added to the drinks. For instances, imagine a drink which only have sugar inside it and is colored orange.

The human brain will instantly assume that it’s an orange drink and not an apple drink. But it is huge importance that one must put a control over the quality of these color additives.  More orange color cannot fool the consumer instead they will take the brand as a fake and drop their interest.

Use of Translucent Beverage Color Measurement is very important. The additives added into the drinks not only make them look unreal but also add harmful chemicals to the nutritional level of beverage. Synthetic color agents made up of chemicals whereas natural additives are made up of natural stuff.

Portable spectrophotometer  designed by Testronix measures the transmittance level and reflectance level of the color and deliver economical testing solutions for the manufacturers so that they could generate original colours in beverages and ensure the nutrition level as well. The device is lightweight and portable in nature. It works using multiple types of sensors. The sensor is equipped with hi-tech software features which can detect all sort of wavelength and let the user know the color of the specimen easily. It comes with accessories which is used for testing color in the liquid substances.

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