Maintaining Color Efficiency in Building Bricks

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Bricks are usually not a part of the final appearance of a building but plays a major role in making the house strong. Then why to conduct its color consistency well we have a reason for that. The color developed in bricks are the symbol of their right consistency. Bricks are made up of distinct composition material. These material if mixed in a right composition generates a defined color which is required with every cycle of production.

It is required to be consistent at every cycle of production. Therefore, to conduct a quality check a precise color measurement technique must be applied. TP 110 colourimeter is a unique color quality measuring tool. It uses various level of color space to compare and precisely detect the color.

The tool has a touchscreen operation which allow the user to control the test data. One can see, save and manage the data as per requirement, pass and fail criteria can be set as per company standard. The device complies with international color test standards which means test results by this device are accepted worldwide.

The instrument operation is very easy. Switch on the device conduct automated black and white calibration using components delivered with the device. And then your machine is ready for a test. Place the tool on the test specimen carefully and get an instant reading. One can compare the reading with master standard and see if the product follows the company set requirements or not.

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