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    Maintain Brand Identity with Precise Color Consistency

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    Maintain Brand Identity with Precise Color Consistency

    The first thing which we start recognizing things from is the color. From this you can thinks that how strong would be the impact color or shades has on the human brain. This is the reason why reputed companies and brands design their official logos and try to innovate by keeping it distinct from others. The deep impression the color has on the mind lasts forever.

    Also you must have noticed that how the companies maintain the consistency in their logos so that people can recognize the brand from its color combination only. Although, that a good thing; but the tough part is to attain the consistency in color. It is very important the where the brand is, it must maintain the same color quality as it was designed.

    Color is a path to segregate and build your company’s reputation among others. What happens when the brand logo is somewhere yellow and somewhere orange. This type of thing disturbs the company image. Also it is difficult to ensure that the same yellow color appears to be yellow everywhere. As surface changes make the color appear differently.

    Precision color device TP 110 is a renowned product in the printing industry. It is used to evaluate the color consistency and work on every solid surface. The device complies with various testing standards which are globally accepted. The device is equipped with huge TFT color touchscreen display. The software program installed has hi-tech features to ensure detection of even slightest change in the color wave length.

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