Maintain Best Color Quality Of Fabric Swatches With Efficient Swatches Color Measurement

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Fabric swatches are mainly used in the textile industry for representation of a bigger piece of fabrics. They are used mainly for sampling and testing purposes. Various tests that are performed on the fabric swatches include color fastness test, staining test, crocking test and so forth. The color of the swatches is a major aspect that defines the efficiency and accuracy of the test procedures. Additionally, when the swatches are used for representation purpose, the color of the swatch must be of the best quality so that it could project a good image of the actual product in the mind of the viewer. It is essential to measure and test the color quality of the fabric swatches to get the most out of them.

Color measuring instruments available in today’s market are the best way to measure and test the quality and consistency of the colors of swatches. The highly accurate color measuring instruments provide very easy and simple operation with high rate of repeatability. With the help of these instruments, users can easily analyze the color quality and change in color after the test procedure.

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TP 300 is a highly efficient and easily portable color measuring instrument that is used by many industries for the purpose of color quality management control for various products.

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