Inspect The Accurate Color Of Contact Lens

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Colored contact lenses are fashionable as they are designed with bolder and richer designs and colors. The lens colors are corresponding to cosmetics and with the designer getting creative with new colors, manufacturers are allocating time and resources to ensure the color of contact lenses and are measured to explain the exact specification and colors are achieved consistently.

The most important part of the contact lenses is to maintain the clear vision. Small confusion in the color matching can result in loss of clear vision or clarity. Controlling the color of contact lenses with the small area and surface curvatures, the color of contact lenses becomes challenging. This can be maintained using best color checkers that works on CIEL*a*b* color space and are used to check the colors and clarity transmission of optical lenses. The measurement of contact lenses usually follows the same principle irrespective of the size of the lenses. Using the right methodology, jig, and optical properties, these colors can be measured with great ease and a higher rate of repeatability.

Colour Checkers by Testronix are the best measuring device that is capable of performing reflectance and transmittance measurements. These instruments include a portable device, a precision color measurement device, spectrophotometers, color matching cabinets and many more. The testing instruments offer highly accurate and precise test results.

Expertise TP 20 XE Color Checkers

Contact lenses provide good vision along with a good look to the user. These are designed cautiously to provide perfect vision to the user along with the colors of beauty. TP 20XE works on the viewing geometry of 45o/0o and provides the measuring aperture of diameter 20mm. The device is capable enough of performing color measurement test on wet products as well. The color difference is measured with the instrument on the basis of formulas: ?E*ab, ?L*a*b, ?E*C*h.

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