How to Measure Color of Fruits in an Effective Manner?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Fruits are an important portion of our diet and widely used in pre-processed food. Apart from the processed food they are used in other products like candies. What makes them so important? Apart from their taste, it’s the nutritional value that our body gets from them. Additionally, fruits are also used in different drinks, sauces, jams and other food items hence the quality of the fruits used in those items have a great importance. The suppliers and processors of the fruits need to ensure that they use the best quality of fruits for their products.

While using for processed fruits, it is very important that the color of end product should match the natural color of the fruits. Of course, there is some acceptance for disparity but not beyond the defined limit. This is why the use of fruit color measurement instruments is done at different stages of the production. The color measuring instruments of the modern era are best for testing the color of the fruits as they offer the best accuracy of the colors to the users. For the best information about the fruits color measuring instruments, the users can also contact the color measuring experts at

Devices like spectrophotometer and colorimeters are used to do the job. These instruments work on measuring the wavelengths based on reflectance and transmittance. As fruits have different consistencies and based on that measuring device is chosen. The TP60CP is an ideal testing instrument that is widely used in food processing industries for testing the color quality of various food items including fruits. The instrument is highly ergonomic and hence can be easily used by the users. The instrument is designed for high accuracy of testing data as well as precise results. With TP60CP, users can definitely get best results for color quality of the fruits and other food items.

Testronix is the leading manufacturer and supplier of fruit color measurement instruments. If you are looking for high-end devices for color quantifications, contact our experts today.

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