Evaluate both Dynamic & Static Friction of Plastic Films with the Co-efficient of Friction Tester

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Achieving consumer satisfaction is not all about the quality of the product, there are numerous things that are required in the shipping & storage process of a product. A manufacturer or the operator has to take care of even the minimalist of things that can cause huge damages, fatal accidents & hefty losses which might lead to customer dissatisfaction and thus it might hamper the brand's reputation.

One such important aspect to be taken care of by manufacturers of flexible packaging materials like plastic films and tapes is to evaluate the smoothness of their surfaces by measuring the friction when the samples slide against each other, metal slide against the sample or glass slide against the sample.

This is necessary to ensure that boxes covered with these laminates and plastic films do not slip during stacking due to minimal friction between the two, causing damage to the items packed inside.

Co-efficient of Friction Tester

To avoid fatal accidents and other losses due to under-testing, the leading lab testing instrument manufacturer – Testronix has offered high-quality lab testing equipment called the co-efficient of friction tester. The instrument is designed with maximum precision to determine both static & dynamic and sliding friction of the sample.

It is highly important to be aware of the process followed by the co-efficient of the friction tester to achieve accurate results with facile.

Working Procedure of the Co-efficient of Friction Tester

The instrument performs testing with an extremely easy testing measure to aid manufacturers in performing absolutely facile testing and in achieving high levels of accuracy.

The instrument performs coefficient of friction testing against three different measures which are:

  • Sample to sample
  • Metal to sample
  • Glass to sample

This enables the operator to understand the accurate smoothness of the surface of the material against all these materials.

coefficient of friction testing

To conduct the coefficient of friction testing, for instance, metal-to-sample testing the operator has to adjust the sample on the glass plate with the help of the grippers. These grippers ensure firm clamping of the sample and also take care of the fact that the sample must be wrinkle or bulge-free for higher precision during the test.

conduct the coefficient of friction testing

The sled provided along the instrument is attached on top of the specimen being tested in such an assembly that it slides across the surface of the sample. The sliding of the 200 gm metal sled at a speed of 150 mm per minute determines the smoothness of the instrument.

COF testing instrument

The friction caused by the sliding of the two surfaces at a certain speed with a certain force is depicted on the microprocessor-based digital display which the operator of the instrument can easily record.

operator of the COF instrument

Similarly in the sample-to-sample testing measure the sample is slid across the sample clamped with the help of grippers and likewise in the sample-to-glass measure wherein the sample is not clamped in the grippers but slid across the glass surface.

The static friction is obtained by measuring the initial movement from the rest position and the dynamic is obtained by measuring the average in a continuous motion of the sliding of glass, metal, or the specimen across each other’s surface.

This is how the operator can simply attain the correct values of the smoothness of the surface. To help the operator perform this testing with facile and minimal hassle, the instrument is equipped with certain quality attributes that are important to give look at.

Advantageous Attributes of the Co-efficient of Friction Tester

The top-quality attributes that enhance the testing experience of operators not only ensure quality & gain the trust of manufacturers but also make the instrument designed by Testronix, the best co-efficient of friction tester in the country.

The instrument ensures high levels of accuracy due to the construction of strong gripping clamps along with perfectly created sample mounting surfaces that combine together and ensure no movement of the sample by avoiding slippage and thus achieving precision.

One of the most prominent features among many is the ability of the instrument to derive both kinetic as well as dynamic friction.

The equipment is offered with a microprocessor-based digital display that determines both kinetic friction & dynamic friction allowing the operator to record the data with max precision. Along with data depiction, the instrument also has a memory hold feature that records up to 9 data recordings from the conducted tests, allowing the operator to keep track of the data with a lot more ease.

The lab testing equipment has become a one-stop solution for testing the friction of the specimens because of its three-way sample measuring technique. This has enabled the operator to measure the friction against variable materials without spending more.

All these features combine together to promote seamless testing measures and ensure expedited testing repeatedly.

Let us take a look at the specifications of the instrument to ensure whether it aligns with the customer requirements & standard compliances or not.

Specifications of the Co-efficient of Friction Tester

  • The instrument runs on a motor assembly that has a speed of 60 rpm and generates a power of 15 kg/cm.
  • The instrument is equipped with an LED digital display for result indication.
  • The instrument runs at a standard speed of 15 mm/min. However, the range is adjustable from 120 mm/min to 180 mm/min for variable compliances.
  • The load cell capacity of the instrument is up to 3KgF.

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Do not wait any further and get your hands on the finest co-efficient of friction tester in India manufactured & supplied by Testronix. In the case of further questions & queries, you can always visit our website. To know more about the lab testing instrument like the coefficient of friction tester price or the specifications, you can directly reach out to us by dialing +91 9313140140 or by e-mailing us at info@testronixinstruments.com.

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