Ensure Shiny & Even Surfaces of Materials with the Gloss Meter

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Products made from ceramics, plastics, glass, metals, etc. are given a gloss or shiny finish on their surfaces to make them more appealing as it attracts customers and leaves a long-lasting & good impression on a consumer’s mindset. Achieving the appropriate gloss & shine over surfaces of different materials becomes very important to attract customers as it is a first-hand quality judgement.

Understanding with the help of an example, the automobile sector spends huge amounts of money on the coating & painting of cars, bikes, etc. as they appeal to customers to get their hands on it. Since the surfaces of material contribute heavily to the profits of an organisation, it becomes necessary for manufacturers to ensure the perfect gloss & shine levels of these surfaces.

The leading lab testing instrument manufacturer in the country – Testronix brings a highly advanced & portable instrument which is a testing apparel for gloss & shine levels of a surface called the gloss meter.

The instrument is a result of top-notch engineering standards that are achieved by Testronix for the construction of this amazing handheld instrument that determines the gloss & shine levels of variable surfaces at different angles. To know how the instrument performs the test at three different angles and ensure the correct gloss levels of a surface, we must acknowledge its working mechanism.

Working Mechanism of the Gloss Meter

The gloss meter is an extremely easy-to-use handheld instrument equipped with a portable built to assist the operator in conducting the surface gloss & shine test on the go.

The first step for conducting the test is to place the specimen on top of the specimen or the surface of the specimen. The operator must make sure that the surface of the specimen entirely covers the testing apparatus radial given below the instrument.

The operator can now simply profile the specimen from the 7-inch LCD display attached to the handheld instrument. The paint gloss meter stores the details of the specimen as a profile and indicates the result in that manner.

After the profiling of the specimen, the operator can press the dedicated testing button associated with the side of the wall of the equipment.

The instrument conducts the test by following the mechanism of refraction & redirection. The testing apparatus has CIE-based light that throws light rays on the specimen, the redirection of the light or the refraction caused due to the coating of the light is indicated by the paint gloss meter.

The LCD display determines the test results from all three angles due to the triangular sensor assembly. The results are depicted in consideration with all three modes i.e. basic, static & continuous.

The operator can keep track of the derived results with the help of the governing body of the gloss meter triangle which is the GQC6 software. All these testing measures are conducted through this software and it also allows the operator to keep track of these storage for a long term.

The testing is conducted with levels of facile & finesse at the same time because of the top-quality characteristics inculcated in the instrument.

Top-Quality Characteristics of the Gloss tester

The first & foremost feature of the lab testing instrument is its ability to determine the gloss levels of a surface of so many materials in three different modes i.e. basic, static & continuous /dynamic with three different angles i.e. 20 degrees, 60 degrees & 85 degrees. This enhances the accuracy levels of the instrument and thus the trust of manufacturers from all across industries.

The instrument has a 7-inch wide LCD display that determines the results, allows the operator to profile the specimen, and operates in different languages, allowing manufacturers all across the globe to conduct accuracy-driven results.

The instrument has a handheld & portable build. This enhances & elevates the testing standards as well as the speed of testing, allowing the operator & the manufacturer to reach accurate test results super quickly.

The instrument is also offered with all the necessary standard accessories for a better & hassle-free testing apparatus. The instrument is offered with a power adapter, user manual, user cable, instrument & test apparel cover.

All these features & high-quality attributes allow the operator to reach maximum accuracy with precision-based testing and also attain outcomes adeptly.

Book a Gloss Meter Triangle Right Away

The surface gloss meter is offered with such high-end attributes and a handheld built due to the top-notch R&D by the leading lab testing instrument manufacturer – Testronix. To attain further information regarding the gloss meter triangle you can find yourself on our website. Do not wait any further and book the gloss meter for yourself by dropping us an e-mail at info@testronixinstruments.com or by calling us at +91 9313140140.

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