Effect of Colors on Human Behavior

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Color influence the consumers taste and perception of liking the beverages or food and that is why colorant and additives are often added to drinks and food items to make the food appetizing. These colorants are also found sometimes in non- food applications also such as cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, and many more. Food colors are divided into two groups namely, artificial colors and natural colors.

How Additives are Prepared?

As most of the customers express concerns over artificial colorants in beverages and foods or other consumable items, manufacturers are looking to replace the artificial additives with natural colorants.  The natural colorants are usually extracted from vegetables and fruits that are also less in terms of vibrancy and expensive. This implies that high dosage of natural colors is used in place of a drop of artificial colorants to achieve similar color shade which enhances or sometimes doubles the cost of production.

How can excessive usage of expensive colorants be overcome?Excessive usage of food and vegetable colorants in beverages can shield the required aroma and flavor of food with their own. In order to uphold the desired level of color without using an excessive amount of natural colors, beverage color measurement devices can be used to measure the actual color.

Modern way to Measure ColorsNatural food colorants are available usually in the form of liquids, powders or pastes. Each type of colorant requires a specific mode of measuring either transmittance or reflectance to achieve the repeatable and accurate measurements of color. The color measuring instruments offered by Testronix are capable of measuring the transmittance and reflectance of the colors and offers cost effective solutions for the manufacturers to formulate the colors in beverages, food products, and other consumables.

The best and widely used testing device to measure the colors of beverages and liquids is Testronix TP 800 spectrophotometers. The instrument is designed by joining the advance principles of LED spectroscopy. The testing machine helps to separate the luminance as per the certain wavelength and adopts groups of the sensor to perform the precise analysis. TP 800 is an accurate testing instrument that easily the colors of solids, liquids, and other products. The instrument not only measures the delta E or L x a x b value but also shows the spectral reflectance curve which easily realizes the color parameters of the products and helps to predict the actual color of the product. For more information on TP 800 spectrophotometer, contact our experts.

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