Difference Between Color Checkers And Spectrophotometers

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Color play a great role in our daily lives; it affects the buying behaviors, taste and selection procedures of the customers. Irrespective of the product size and weight, colors are also measured on the color measuring scales because colors are acknowledged by different people in a different manner. For example, if we say Blue, different shades of blue clicks in the minds of different customers. As we express the weight and dimensions of products numerically, color can also be measured with various color measuring instruments such as color checkers and spectrophotometers.

How Color Checkers Measure the Colors?

Color checkers works on the basis of three basic sensors such as blue, red and green color filters which appropriately works as a human eye see the colors. These devices have silicone photoelectric diode sensor that measures the light which is transmitted or reflected by a sample and provides the data immediately to the microprocessor that calculate the X,Y, Z values of color and provides the red, green and blue colors. This data helps to adjust the properties of colors and compare the colors against the reference product and standard product. These testing instruments are available at comparatively low prices, can be carried easily as they are portable in nature and compact in size. They are primarily used to reflect the measurements and best suited for the sophisticated color analysis such as the problem of metamerism.

How Portable Spectrophotometers Measure the Colors?

Portable spectrophotometers work on the basis of multiple sensors to measure the spectral reflectance color across the wavelength spectrum of 400mm to 700mm and hence, are more accurate and precise as compared to that of color checkers. The spectrophotometers are more expensive but offer highly precise results as compared to the color checkers. These are considered as the ideal devices to fulfill the quality control requirements, for accurate color formulation and sophisticated color analysis. The portable spectrophotometers not only provides the delta E value,  or LAB value but also provides the spectral reflectance curve to study the color with the high level of accuracy of different products.  To read the technical specification of Portable Spectrophotometers.

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