Devices that are Used in Industries for Color Measurement

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The color of products is a primary aspect that is used for communication of different features of the product affects the minds of the customers. It can be said that the color is one of the driving forces for every consumer product throughout the world. With the help of effective use colors, the manufacturers can easily increase the sales of their products and also communicate the quality of the products to the customers easily. To make use of colors effectively, the manufacturers need to keep the colors under strict control, and this can be performed with the help of efficient color measurement devices.

The manufacturers can use different devices for the purpose of color measurement which eventually helps them in ensuring the best color quality of products. To choose the best device for color measurement in industries, it is essential to choose the most accurate and convenient to use a device that is capable of delivering the best accuracy of testing procedures with a high rate of repeatability. The major devices that are used for color measurement are colorimeters and spectrophotometers.


The colorimeters are the instruments that work on the basis of the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The instrument uses the visible range of spectrum that falls on the test specimen and then a portion of the light is transmitted through the object which is captured by the detector of the instruments. The detector of the device detects the amount of light transmitted through the object and analyzes the amount of light absorbed by the object. In this way, the manufacturers can study the optical properties of the objects and the color quality as well. The instrument represents colors in a mathematical form which makes it easy to study the color components of the specimen.


The spectrophotometers are used in the industries and the laboratories for the analysis of the compounds and test samples. The instrument works on the visible spectrum as well as the Ultraviolet and Infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The instrument works on the principle that there are some substances that absorb a specific range of electromagnetic radiations. The instrument can be used for analyzing the exact composition of a specific material or compound. The instrument is not only used for color quality analysis but is also used in the laboratories for the purpose of qualitative, quantitative and structural analysis of the compounds.

Testronix is a major provider of color measurement devices for industries including portable spectrophotometers and precision colorimeters that are capable of providing highly accurate analytical data along with a good rate of repeatability for better reliability of test results and product quality.

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