Detection of Fake Drugs with Precise Color Assessment

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Fake drug production is as real as it can be read. Unfortunately, there are some producers who are making such drugs and are imitating leading brand identity, color and logo to circulate their product in the market by fake names.

These drugs are not made as per heath standards and are of poor quality, they can cause high level of side-effects due to their production process imbalance, and even death in some patients. Due to these ill effects they sell their production at minimal cost in market and distributors are buying due to the low price. Basically, everyone is after his or her success and dropping all the blame on the other brand company’s name.

To stop such nuisance in the world, health research and quality inspection organisation have decided and ordered to conduct quality control measure to identify the medications are original or not. This can happen as the fake drug production even after trying to make their production similar to a brand they can never use a same color code with a same wavelength. Therefore by testing or measuring the wavelength of particular drug color and matching it with the brand master standard, the fake produce can be easily detected and filtered.

That can be conducted using precision color measurement devices such as TP 800. The color device is equipped with touchscreen operation program and has variety of high technological features. One can easily measure the color wave length and filter drug production.

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