Color Testing Instruments for Garment Manufacturers

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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At present, E-commerce industry is at its boom. Every small and big manufacturer and retailer want to be a part of its growth. However, In India, approx. 10% of audience use e-commerce platforms for shopping. Despite having huge internet penetration, the audience is low, but still, e-commerce companies are making a good profit and so as their retailers and manufacturers. This is the reason why everybody wants to be part of this cycle, be it small scale manufacturer or an established brand. There is huge scope for clothing industry to make good clients from e-commerce circle. Even very small scale manufacturers can easily be a part of it.

How small-scale manufacturers can deliver consistent quality?

Production houses that produce on demand or at very small level pay zero or very less attention to their quality control department, due to cost cutting. We cannot notice small and intricate flaws  with our eyes. But, defects like color disparity, poor tensile strength of the fabric, color bleeding are some prominent and unavoidable defects which are easily caught by naked eyes.

There are certain tests that fabric suppliers must conduct before delivering the consignment. But manufacturers should set up a quality control department with appropriate testing instruments. For small scale manufacturers, many portable color measuring instruments are available; which are efficient and cost-effective. This would help in maintaining consistency in the quality.

Which instruments can be used for color testing?

Since a garment is consist of many components and all of them have their different properties. Let’s say, a button is made up of plastic, threads are usually made up of cotton, sometimes other raw materials like rexine and leather are also used for designing. Due to the difference in properties of raw material, their tendency of reflecting colors is also different. Therefore, following color measuring instruments can be used:

These are some basic instruments that can be installed in the lab. Color spectrophotometer is available in portable and table top models. So, depending upon the demand respective model can be bought. However, the functionality of both the models are almost similar.

Why investing in testing tools is important?

E-commerce industry offers huge discount on clothing. Delivering good quality products in an affordable price that satisfies the buyer and maintain a profit margin is quite a difficult task. Sometimes, the intent of increasing the profit margin, quality of the product is degraded by the manufacturer. But, it should not be degraded to an extent to make it unfit for use. Therefore, having a control lab with quality color testing instruments like color matching cabinets, spectrophotometer, colorimeter would help garment manufacturers to maintain a product from minimum acceptable quality to highest of the standard. This is one time investment and quality garments can be promised ever after.

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