Color Measurement in Fruit Juice Improves Consumer Health

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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With increasing danger related to edible items, the way we think about food quality control can be done, has been changed. Packaged fruits juices have seen the major impact of this change. With consumers becoming more and more aware of food malnutrition they are moving towards natural items. They are seeking natural colors by which they are taking the item as safer to eat or consumer compared to those which look fake or artificial. They are selecting products which look real.

In recent times, it has been found that the natural fruit juice producers have been in more profit than others across the world. Even huge brands of fast food chain have initiated the change in their menu by serving natural fruit juice rather than soft drinks or artificially colored juices. In such time, where market is moving towards achieving natural appearance in their fruits juices, conducting color measurement can improve the consumer’s health and also your brand profit scale. This test is performed using TP 800 SpectrophotometerThe device is a light weighted portable tester. The color of a fruit juice impact the customer’s mind and purchasing making decisions. They decide about their choice depending upon the fruit juice color.

Along with color, the haze is also measured in the fruit juices. Today’s new advance equipment is capable of performing both. The TP 800 device is equipped with large touch screen display which is used for setting and managing test data and also for monitoring the color and haze measurement. It works within a specified range of visible spectrum which is, 400~700 nm. It uses the illumination geometry of 45/0 for performing precise measurement. In case of liquid material, universal test component, which is a part of the additional color measurement accessory kit, is used. The fruit juice to be test is poured in the test component and the device is placed on it. User can use automation features such as auto mode white and black calibration feature.

It is suggested that the fruit color must be tested at the very starting of the juice manufacturing just to make sure that there is no issue in the fruit itself. This will also save lots of time, energy and money in production process. The juice product must also be test at the end of the manufacturing process and before its shipping. Also it would be better to have a quick test if any additional ingredient is added in the drink.

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