Color Matching Challenges of Textile Industry

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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If you work in the textile industry, you understand the complexities inherent in creating the perfect hues. From raw materials to processing methods, the final appearance of your textiles depends on a plethora of variables that must be closely monitored in order to produce the colors you want.

As such, color quality control is a core component of the product development and manufacturing process, helping you ensure that your products live up to your vision. One common problem is Object, Vision and Light. The color of fabric depends on these factors. The Same color tends to appear differently on different material type e.g. Wool and Silk reflect the same color differently. If two fabrics dyed with the same color but they may appear different in different lights. This phenomenon is called Metamerism. Therefore, color matching box becomes an unavoidable part of the textile industry.

Illuminant Metamerism

Color is often thought of as a static fact—something either is a particular color or is not. However, the colors we perceive depend on three primary factors: the observer, the object and the light source. Changes in any of these three factors can produce vastly different perceptions of color.

It usually occurs when two colors look the same under one lighting condition but not another. This can create great difficulties for color matching; while samples may appear identical under artificial lights in the factory, they may exhibit significant chromatic differences when viewed in daylight. Suddenly, what you believed to be a perfect match is revealed to be an inconsistent pairing. Unfortunately for industries that rely on color matching to create appealing, high-quality products, illuminant metamerism is not uncommon. In a manufacturing unit, the raw material is usually procured from different vendors and sometimes attained from across the borders. Usually, different standards are followed in different countries. That is why there is always a difference in the color consistency of the end product.

Solution to Metamerism Issue 

The Color Matching Box is one such textile color measurement instrument that is used for color quality assurance in industrial products. The Box assists in matching the products under different lighting conditions for color consistency.

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