Analyze Color Quality Issues of Fabrics

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Role of Color in Textile Industry

Colors play a significant role in textile industries and seriously affect the appearance of the goods. Buying behaviors of the customer in the textile industry often made on the basis of product color. Hence, it is crucial that the textile industry supply chain provides perfect colors with great accuracy that is marketable.

Unfortunately, there are many issues with color matching in the textile supply chains that are usually not found in any other supply chain. Here are some of the fundamental reasons of these issues with textile color matching.

Problem of Colors in Textile Industry

Massive researches are done on this and concluded that three main reasons explains which color matching problems in the textile industry is the biggest reason for headaches. These reasons are:

  • Variability is intrinsic in many textile raw materials.
  • Use of High # of components in the production process of the single 

Variation in Raw materials

The inputs used to create textile usually integrally flexible. Natural fibers display the vast portion of the variability of all cotton, flax, linen, wool, silk, etc. are all obstructed by growing period variability such as length of growing season, soil, and other biological factors especially in the case of animal fibers such as diet that are impossible to control. These factors can affect the staple length of filament quality, fibers, thickness, strength and crystallinity which in all affect the color quality of the fabrics.

Synthetic fibers are comparatively less variable in nature such as fiber cross section shape, fiber diameter, and chemistry that explains that variability is less in comparison with the natural fibers.

Use of High # of Components in Critical Products 

Another reason that affects the color quality of textiles is the # of the product components in textile end products. For example, if we consider a jacket, numerous # components that are used to manufacture jacket i.e. panels, lining fabric, body fabric, neck tape, trim, buttons, thread, embroidery details and much more and directly affect the appearance of the product. In this case, numerous things that must be matched for example Placket color, Pocket color, Color of back body fabric, thread, pocket lining, interior and outer neck tape and its thread, front portion including body fabric, embroidery, decorative stitching, lining fabric, etc.

Solutions for Color Measurement in Textile Industries

These issues can be rectified and measured easily with the help of high quality of color measurement instruments. Testronix Instruments, one of the leading manufacturers of measurement device offers a broad range of textile color matching solutions that help to measures the color of different # component and fabrics that are used to manufacture garments. For more information, visit:

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