Analyse Color of Foods Using Right Testing Instrument

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Color measurement systems are used to evaluate a wide range of food products. The food products include formulated foods, meat products, spices, syrups etc. Visible light is found between 380 and 780 nm in the electromagnetic spectrum. When light hits an object, it is reflected, absorbed and transmitted. The reflected light identifies the color material, the appearance changes which depends on the amount of light, the light source, and the observer’s angle of view, size and background differences.

Color is important to determine the quality attribute of food products that affect the consumer’s choice. Various color measuring instruments are used by food processors to check and standardise ingredient color to control the color of final products. They also use it to analyse color change while processing, storage and transit.

Products in the food industry are of various shapes, sizes, powder, liquid, transparent or opaque. Food products are classified as transparent, translucent or opaque depending upon how light acts on it. Foods are classified as per optional characteristics and are categorised as opaque such as cheese, flour, meat, rice etc., translucent such as jams, fruit juices etc. and transparent such as oil, soft drink etc.

Opaque and translucent products are measured by the reflection principle whereas transparent products by transmission principle. In Portable Spectrophotometer, the spectral reflectance of a product is evaluated across the full spectrum of visible light (400 nm to 700 nm) to give an accurate measurement. It is used in the formulation and quality control of desired colors in food products and for research and developments of new products etc. Spectrophotometer measure a ratio of the light reflected or transmitted from a food product to that from a known reference standard. It works well for liquids and for transmission.

Selecting instruments is an important task that is based upon the type of food product and application. The portable instrument is an accurate color measuring instrument used in various industries such as paint, plastics medical etc.

TP 800 Spectrophotometer provides high class software for managing colors which can be connected to the computer. Color quality software record all measurement information, analyse the test result and create customised reports. The device gives good support in matching the color and color management along with efficient management for managing product quality.

The new generation color measuring device is user friendly having a large color screen. The USB port provides users to store and configure various profiles.

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