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Color Measurement in Fruit Juice Improves Consumer Health

With increasing danger related to edible items, the way we think about food quality control can be done, has been changed. Packaged fruits juices have seen the major impact of this change. With consumers becoming more and more aware of… READ FULL BLOG

Estimating Gloss Reflection of Plastic Surfaces

Gloss or shine is the oldest trick used by manufacturers for selling their majority of products to customers and that too on higher rates. The Gloss Reflection of Plastic Surfaces is a very useful criterion which consumers demand. Plastic products… READ FULL BLOG

Color Matching and Metamerism Removal in Wood Grain Printing

The wood grain printing is a procedure which is used to gain a real wood type of appearance on product surfaces. This procedure has recently gained demand over the use of real wood, thus reducing deforestation. When the wood is… READ FULL BLOG

Checking Color Quality of Spices with TP 800 Tester

There is a direct connection between the spice color and the human perception of deciding which spice is fresh or not. That is why controlling color quality of spices using hi-tech measuring devices such as TP 800 Spectrophotometer is a… READ FULL BLOG

Gloss Test for Enamel Paint with Tri-Angle Equipment

Enamel paint are used to have glossy appearance on the surface of materials. They can be applied to wide variety of things such as furniture, metal components, plastic objects etc. they dry to give a hard and glossy texture. They… READ FULL BLOG

Perform Spectral Color Measurement in Tinted Glasses

Tinted Glasses are usually utilized in sunglasses or windows. Besides having distinct application, the functions are the same, protection from sun’s harmful UV rays.  The glass tinting is now popularly used in automobiles, homes, and in commercial building. The tinting… READ FULL BLOG

Color Assessment for Baked Food Quality Control

The color of baked food items is based upon its ingredients used and also the baking or processing method. The color or hue in baked items also differ from product to product. The baked cookies and baked bread both will… READ FULL BLOG

Determining the Color Quality of Oil Based Paint

When artist seek new and innovative shades, they turn to manufacturer or brands they trust for producing new machine produced colors. However, many consider hand-made colors. In case of artist, the oil paints manufactured using machineries are trusted more due… READ FULL BLOG

Use of 45/0 Geometry for Ink Color Measurement

In the new era of digital books and internet surfing, it is quite often that we forget about sitting and reading books or magazines in peace. However, it is not completely vanished. There is still an increasing demand of print… READ FULL BLOG

TP800 Spectral Color Measurement for Limestone Applications

Limestone is highly sellable material and is used in wide variety of industries, be it cosmetics or building materials. Beside these limestone is also known to be a major part of toothpaste and pharmaceutical drugs. Not many people know but… READ FULL BLOG

Color Analysis of Glass Cleaners Ensures Quality

Color assessment in production of glass cleaner plays an important role. As variation in the color of the solution can make the customer get worried about the quality of the product. The Spectrophotometer based study with Portable spectrophotometer on glass… READ FULL BLOG

Gloss Adjustment on Powder Coated Paint

Power coated products are increasingly demanding high-quality finish. Days are gone, when powder coating was only renowned for its durable nature and its high-resistance towards damaging environmental conditions. Now with new improvements in the product formulation and applications, a powder… READ FULL BLOG

Check Fuel Quality with Color Assessment of Petroleum

Color plays a major role in defining the quality and refining level of petroleum. The color at any stage of processing in petroleum can explain its quality and helps in inspection of contamination. As we all know that petroleum based… READ FULL BLOG

Spectral Analysis for Colour Measurement of Sugar

The color of sugar is an indication of its purity. There are international standards that specify the sugar quality classification. And to ensure that there must be a common language to understand the levels of sugar purity, they established spectral… READ FULL BLOG

Visual Assessment of Paint Color with D65 Light Box

Paint color on walls often exhibit the phenomenon of metamerism when seen under different lighting conditions. Especially the difference in daylight and artificial evening light can make the room looks completely different. Inspecting paint color in daylight without using any… READ FULL BLOG

Importance of Hi-tech Color Measurement in Foods

Colors have an important role in quality control of food products. It has been researched that the color hues of food influences customer’s purchasing decision. Starting from the manufacturer, supplier and to the marketer of any food item, all wish… READ FULL BLOG

Studying Gloss Behaviour of Surfaces

The Gloss behaviour of any material are based upon the interaction between the physical properties of surface and the falling light. Also, the gloss is effected with the physiological evaluation of the observer. The first outlook of any product is… READ FULL BLOG

Determine Color Consistency of Wall Paint

Wall paint are decided on basis of print media or any sample card. But no one can tell if the coated paint on the wall will look the same in day light and other source of lighting conditions. To compare… READ FULL BLOG

Gloss Measurement of Automotive Parts

Gloss is a vital part of automotive industry. The exterior and interior parts of a car body are meant to be attractive enough to bring a customer and push them to invest. It is not only the work of color… READ FULL BLOG

Conduct Colour Measurement of Wastewater

Color assessment is an integral part in Waste water treatment. Treated sample of water must be transparent in nature and no color should be detected in it. A human eye may not be capable of detecting a minute color addition… READ FULL BLOG

Perform Gloss Measurement in Plastics

Plastics has been the most used raw material for numerous applications. It has applications in stuff which are made for their appearance. Plastic surfaces can be made glossy or matte as per requirement. But to control the gloss is sometimes… READ FULL BLOG

Conduct Color Measurement in Dentistry

As per doctor and research scientists, human tooth changes its color and appearance with age. The human tooth of elder are comparatively darker to those of younger humans. This change is not detected with naked eyes and requires special test… READ FULL BLOG

Perform Tomato Ketchup Color Measurement

Tomatoes are reared and chosen for attributes essential to their specific developing, reaping, preparing and utilization necessities, which likewise manage their flavours, surfaces and different qualities. Color is an essential estimation parameter in tomato ketchup, is firmly identified with quality… READ FULL BLOG

Conduct Color Measurement of Coated Pills

The shade of coated pills can affect how customers recognize and utilize pharmaceutical products. Changes in the shape or shade of pharmaceuticals may add to patients’ halting treatment. This might be to a limited extent since clients rely upon the… READ FULL BLOG

Faster and Precise Gloss Measurement in Plastics

Plastic material are the most used part of any industry. Plastic sheets, plastic part and plastic body, whatever form they are used in, most of them generate a particular amount of gloss on them. The gloss factor may be important… READ FULL BLOG

Perform Gloss Measurement of Paper

Paper has numerous application and property requirements based upon them. Some application demand a paper to be water absorbent, some desire it to be strength full and some want it to be glossy. This article talks about the Gloss measurement… READ FULL BLOG

Gift Paper Color Measurement

Gift papers are used for wrapping products and presenting them to customers. The glossy and color full papers are used from a long time for gifting purpose. With ongoing time the demand for more innovative design has come and became… READ FULL BLOG

Precise Pharmaceutical Powders Color Measurement

The hue of pharmaceutical powders, for example, crude color powders are regularly estimated as an approaching QC check to guarantee part to-parcel consistency of crude materials, and to guarantee shading precision of the last item. The favoured strategy for estimating… READ FULL BLOG

Why and How to Conduct Meat Color Measurement?

Meat Color Measurement is a quality control technique used in testing labs to ensure the freshness of the meat. It is mainly used by meat suppliers and meat product manufacturers. Why we need it?  We need it because color of… READ FULL BLOG

Solid Fruit Color Measurement with 45/0 Illumination

Fruit product manufacturer are keen to produce real looking items to involve more consumers in their brand. For which they need to make their product look and feel like the real fruit and this can only be done when one… READ FULL BLOG

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