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Conduct Precise Liquid Color Measurement

Liquid color measurement has always been the sensitive part of color measurement industry. The use of liquid color is the trending demand of customers in reference to paint and coatings. However, the color inspection been as difficult as it seems… READ FULL BLOG

Precise Spectrophotometer Color Measurement of Grain

Color measurement of grain is an important aspect in cereal manufacturing. Grains such as wheat, oats, corn etc. face modification is their growing process, their making into cereal, and storage conditions. Due to which their color gets impacted. Hence, manufacturers… READ FULL BLOG

Precise Color Measurement of Baked Food

The baked goods including cakes or cookies along with their flavour, smell exhibit extraordinary color. The light golden shade on freshly baked bread, the walnut color on chocolate chip cookies and much more like these are the pleasure for human… READ FULL BLOG

Color Matching Cabinet for Plastic Color Assessment

Plastic color assessment plays a major role in Polymer industries. However, the equipment used for the test is at question. Initially on introduction of color measurement programs for polymers, the equipment designed were not too advanced and even not standardized…. READ FULL BLOG

Tri-Angle Test Mode for Gloss Measurement of Paint

Gloss measurement of paint is a necessary requirement in the coating industry. Application of glossy paint and its appearance under distinct angles is very important to test. Coating Color Measurement is the new innovation which can carry out these type… READ FULL BLOG

Role of Polymer Color Measurement in Plastic Industry

Being the highest utilized product, Polymer is the base network of our industries. Rarely can we find any application which does not use plastic materials. Starting from Aerospace, Medical, packaging, automobile and what not are utilizing polymer products as components… READ FULL BLOG

Test Whiteness of Paper using TP 800 Spectrophotometer

The whiteness of paper is important to evaluate the print quality of the paper. It affects how a printed image will appear on the same. For instance, brighter paper delivers more contrast and a wider spectrum. This can be calculated… READ FULL BLOG

Color Measurement Accessories for Improved Testing

Color measurement instruments such as TP 310 is a highly advanced equipment for testing color quality in numerous material. However, like every other equipment, it also has limitations. To go beyond that and enhance the testing performance of TP 310,… READ FULL BLOG

Test Milk Color Quality with Opaque Beverage Color Measurement

The Milk color is an essential factor for manufacturers due to various reasons. Majorly, it needs to be, due to its role in convincing the buyer. On noticing any unusual color in the milk, buyers may conclude that there is… READ FULL BLOG

Test Color Consistency in Cell Phone Exterior Parts

Nowadays, cell phones are a part and parcel of our daily life. More than being a mere connecting device, it has become a status symbol. Customers are upgrading their cell phones within weeks, just like their wardrobe. Mobile manufacturers are… READ FULL BLOG

Get Accurate Gloss Measurement of Car Interiors

With increasing competition in the automotive industry, it is getting difficult for car manufacturers to deliver an experience of high-quality and at the same time minimize the production cost. On the top of that, the interior designs are becoming an… READ FULL BLOG

Testing the Color Consistency of Car Exteriors

Cars are one of the most luxurious items we all dream of. For some it is a necessity, for others it’s a luxury, an element of show-off and an ego booster. More often than not, it’s a dream come true!… READ FULL BLOG

Maintaining the Color Integrity of Decorative Papers

The colored papers are huge part of every single person’s life. They are used at home for decorating purpose and party such as gift papers, creative cut-outs, and many more, the for schooling as drawing papers or copy an book… READ FULL BLOG

Role of Colour Measurement Instrument in Cosmetic Industry

The industry of cosmetics is rising and the days are not too far when this industry will become the rapid profit-making industry. With the increasing demand of experimented shades, distinct brands are inventing something new daily that can fulfil the… READ FULL BLOG

Ice-Cream Color Measurement, Important For Increased Sales

In today’s world consumers are so much obsessed with high-quality that even stuff like ice-cream, has to be inspected for its quality. Now the interesting fact is that it is not only tested for its nutrition value, or its taste,… READ FULL BLOG

Increase Color Measurement Accuracy in Coffee Industry

Around 80 percent of the population drinks coffee on daily basis. The coffee industry must be facing a rising competition. Where on one side this can be a very great news for coffee manufacturers but also on the other side… READ FULL BLOG

Maintain Brand Identity with Precise Color Consistency

The first thing which we start recognizing things from is the color. From this you can thinks that how strong would be the impact color or shades has on the human brain. This is the reason why reputed companies and… READ FULL BLOG

Implement Grain Color Measurement for Quality Assurance

Grains has now become a major portion of the meal that we take daily. Flour, bread, bakery, almost one portion of our meal is completely made up of grains or its subsequent products. If we take this to a commercial… READ FULL BLOG

Conduct Color Measurement of Distinct Drug Type

Pharmaceutical color estimation helps a great deal in checking the medication forging. Aside from that color helps in simple distinguishing proof of the recommended meds. It is trusted that color assumes a part in playing with the brain science of… READ FULL BLOG

Ensure Quality of UV Sensor Products with Color Assessment

Photo chromatic color modification is when a substance changes its color on UV exposure. This particular feature is used by several industries to produce color changing stuffs such as UV sensors. These type of products are produced to protect users… READ FULL BLOG

How Tomatoes Color quality can decide its nutrition value?

Product’s color and its physical appearance are the basic factors that pushes the human brain to buy and use the product. Tomatoes are renowned for their glowing Red colored skin which symbolizes the maturity amount and its flavour and also… READ FULL BLOG

Conduct High Quality Roof Color Vibrancy Measurement

Color and shades play an important role in the field of construction and architecture. It depends on the color of the material or parts used in making building that how the entire construction will appear. The architects require to keep… READ FULL BLOG

Measuring Color Additives Level in Beverages

It has always seen that the color additives are often introduced to liquid beverages to make their appearance. The colour of the beverage push the brain to assume its flavour. To impact this particular thing, additives are added to the… READ FULL BLOG

Automobile Interior Appearance effects Color Quality

The interiors of an automotive is of huge importance. The look and feel of a car comes from its interiors. Exteriors are comparatively very much low profile as they are not seen by the driver all the time but interiors… READ FULL BLOG

Test Beverage Haze Quality for improved Brand Reputation

Haze and taste are two major parameters that define the quality of a beverage. Be it processed juice, cold drink, wine, beer, scotch or anything. Every drink has a defined haze level. Any rise or fall in that hints about… READ FULL BLOG

Optimize Quality in Rice Production with Color Measurement

There are around million metric huge amounts of rice created comprehensively consistently and even generally little ranches normally have high yield. When the cost of generation is developing, this oversight turns out to be more imperative than any other time… READ FULL BLOG

Enhance the Look of Roofing Material with Accurate Color Test

Color Quality Inspection has a major role in Architecting Industry. The color, shades, coating defines every single profile of a building. The main focus given on selecting the right color for the matching section of roofs. The major aspect of… READ FULL BLOG

Evaluate Cosmetic Palette for Precise Color Inspection

Color is an important aspect when it is about selection of cosmetic products as per skin tone shades. Women roam in different shops to find the exact color or shade they want for their skin tone. They wonder into many… READ FULL BLOG

How to Maintain the Color Consistency in Coatings?

Paints and coating are used to enhance the beauty of the products and to protect them from different external factors such as dust, air, contaminants, water, rust or corrosion. The coating provides an aesthetic look to the material on which… READ FULL BLOG

Role of Accurate Color Assessment in Paper & Packaging

There are different variables that persuade a purchaser to put his cash in your item and one of those reasons is pressing of the item. It is imperative that a purchaser ought to associate with the item. A pressing ambiguously… READ FULL BLOG

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