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Accurate Roof Tiles Color Measurement Using Spectrophotometer

A roof is the most important element in protecting a home or business. In addition to its practical function, roofing plays a major role in the design and overall appearance of these structures. Modern roofing solutions offer more freedom of… READ FULL BLOG

Using Colorimeter for Accurate Inspection of Vegetable Colors

From a long time, scientists and researchers have utilized color-based testing tools to evaluate the quality of vegetables. Apparently, their approaches were inherently subjective, and were dependent on the human visual observation, limiting their accuracy in results. But with the… READ FULL BLOG

Accurate Color Matching Instrument for Paint Retailers

Color matching has always been an issue for paint retailers. Finding that perfect matching shade is a never-ending search for many. Moreover, earlier to conduct the matching process, they used to put up thousands of differently printed color swatches in… READ FULL BLOG

Cosmetics Color Measurement Tools for High Accuracy Testing

In the booming industry of cosmetic, achieving the right color consistency is highly important as it is one of the factors that influence fresh customers as well as existing ones. The importance of obtaining accurate and constant color requirements is… READ FULL BLOG

Role of Plastic Color Measurement Tools in Polymer Industry

The plastics industry has always been at the forefront of innovation, creating remarkable new materials and products. From cars to computers, plastics have shaped our world in innumerable ways, opening up the door to living standards previously unimaginable. But while… READ FULL BLOG

Paper and Printing Color Measurement Tools for Metal Substrates

Printing on metal substrates has been increasingly popular among all verticals. With rising demand for brand owners and package designers to add vitality and interest to their products, this new printing procedure came under the spotlight. Generating fascinating metallic images… READ FULL BLOG

Use Color Viewing Booths for Ensuring Logo Color

When I think of iconic brands, the first thing I imagine is their logo. More specifically, I imagine their logo color. Logo colors speak to us, telling us a story about the brand, about values, and about identity. Some colors… READ FULL BLOG

Color Matching Challenges of Textile Industry

If you work in the textile industry, you understand the complexities inherent in creating the perfect hues. From raw materials to processing methods, the final appearance of your textiles depends on a plethora of variables that must be closely monitored… READ FULL BLOG

Accurate Testing and Creation of Diverse Foundation Shades

The industry of cosmetics is rapidly changing its ways in the modern society. In the past times, it was not at all possible for females to get that perfect shade of foundation for their skin tones. You can either get… READ FULL BLOG

How to Measure Colour of Textured Surfaces?

Colour measurement is indeed a task. Due to so many contributing factors that affect the results, there is a need to use a device that can generate precise results. Spectrophotometers are used in different industries for different types of surfaces… READ FULL BLOG

How to Achieve Consistency in Printing?

With the modern techniques of printing coming in the industry, it is becoming difficult for the colour managers to get the right shades on different types of backgrounds and substrates. To solve the complexity, different companies are coming up with… READ FULL BLOG

How to Make Accurate Observations with Colour Measurement Devices?

What we see as colour is the sensation produced by the wavelength in the range of 380-780nm which is the visible part of the spectrum. What we perceive is the wavelength absorbed or reflected by the object surface, which can… READ FULL BLOG

Color Viewing Booth – Answer to Color Quality Demand of Textile Industry

Textile is one of the booming industries all across the globe. With constant changing trends and fashion, the demand of customers for best quality products is also increasing. Due to the rising awareness of people towards style, fashion and quality,… READ FULL BLOG

Analysis of Sunglass Lens Colour by Portable Spectrophotometer

Protective eyewear is more than just a fashion statement. For many years people had relied on dime-store glasses to dull the glaring effects of the sun. But the quality lenses and polarized coating changed the view of the world, literally…. READ FULL BLOG

How to Measure Color of Fruits in an Effective Manner?

Fruits are an important portion of our diet and widely used in pre-processed food. Apart from the processed food they are used in other products like candies. What makes them so important? Apart from their taste, it’s the nutritional value… READ FULL BLOG

Why are Colours Important in Pharmaceutical Industry?

For human beings, colour is an important factor to determine the things and make a perception about it. Many times it represents the quality of the product, be it food or medicine. Being the pharmaceutical manufacturer, you need to understand… READ FULL BLOG

Factors that Impact Precise Color Measurement of Fabrics

Textile industry largely depends on color measurement instruments. A lot of things depend on how a fabric or garment is appearing. The acceptance and rejection largely depend on color matching with master and color matching of components with base fabric…. READ FULL BLOG

How Can Paper and Packaging Color Be Quantified?

There are various factors that convince a buyer to invest his money in your product and one of those reasons is packing of the product. It is very important that a buyer should connect with the product. A packing vaguely… READ FULL BLOG

How to Achieve Color Consistency in Plastics?

Colored plastic is a very common thing to find around. In fact, most of the expensive items are being replaced by plastic. They are inexpensive and durable. Certainly, for any object, color is a very important factor to maintain its… READ FULL BLOG

Different Factors That Impact the Color of Packaging

Packaging color measurement is, nowadays, an important checkpoint in quality check labs. Devices like spectrophotometer, color matching cabinets are a common sight in QC and R&D labs. As colour plays a leading role in altering the buying decision of the… READ FULL BLOG

How to Measure Colour of Plastic Pellets?

Different type of tests is performed on plastics to ascertain their properties and qualities. Which is why instrumentation testing is becoming popular among plastic product manufacturers. Different tests like tensile strength, impact strength, color measurement and compressive strength testing are… READ FULL BLOG

How to Measure Synthetic Colour Additives?

The craze for coloured drinks is rising at an exponential speed. They are usually added with colour additives to make them enticing for the consumers. The color of drinks impacts the perception and analyse its taste. Be it a natural… READ FULL BLOG

How Can Liquid Colour Measurement Be Done?

Liquids can be transparent, opaque or translucent. Depending upon the quantity of the solid components in the liquid, its property to allows the light to pass is defined. When used commercially, the colours of liquids are predefined. It defines the… READ FULL BLOG

Test the Colour Quality of Products with Visual Assessment

Colors that we see is our perception which changes with different conditions. We are using many smart tools to analyse the colors. But to interpret the results, special skills are required and not every industry has the skilled manpower or… READ FULL BLOG

Colour Measurement Devices Offered by Testronix

Expressing the right colour is the most difficult task because what I am perceiving might not be perceived by another person. This does not mean any visual impairment or deficiency. This is how human perception differs. There are many factors… READ FULL BLOG

Tips for Preparing Samples for Color Matching

Color measurement is a tricky task and only utilizing good measuring instruments would not do the job. You require following good practices of making right observations. Very instruments, be it color matching box or spectrophotometer, come with a huge instruction… READ FULL BLOG

Importance of Gloss Measurement in Automobiles?

Accurate colour measurement is not about just measuring the reflected part of the visible spectrum. There are many other components, like, gloss, opacity, transparency, hue etc. To increase the customer loyalty, the same colour is available in high gloss, intermediate… READ FULL BLOG

How Surface Texture Varies the Color Measurement Results?

Color measurement is a complicated process and surface texture is an important parameter to consider. Spectrophotometers are widely used in different industries to measure the colour of the different type of materials. However, on smooth surfaces, it is easy to… READ FULL BLOG

Visual Perception of Colour in Textiles

Colour can be defined as the parts of visible spectrum reflected by the object. Also, there are many other factors that contribute in appearance or perception of the colour. For instance, fuchsia can be soothing to some people while to… READ FULL BLOG

How Appearance of Paper Impacts the Printing?

Printing is becoming a complex task as customers are coming up with an innovative idea. With the rising demand for transparent substrates, it is becoming difficult for the printer to get the accurate printed colours. However, colour managers are trying… READ FULL BLOG

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