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Enhance the Look of Roofing Material with Accurate Color Test

The Colors, in architecture, have a very important place. It is the color of a structure of a section of a structure that makes it pleasing, attractive and exotic for the visitors. The architects need to keep this fact in… READ FULL BLOG

Evaluate Cosmetic Palette for Precise Color Inspection

Color is a crucial factor when it comes to the selection of cosmetics according to the skin tone of the products. Women venture into the cosmetics stores and compare the color of the samples and testers with their skin tone… READ FULL BLOG

How to Maintain the Color Consistency in Coatings?

Paints and coating are used to enhance the beauty of the products and to protect them from different external factors such as dust, air, contaminants, water, rust or corrosion. The coating provides an aesthetic look to the material on which… READ FULL BLOG

Role of Accurate Color Assessment in Paper & Packaging

There are different variables that persuade a purchaser to put his cash in your item and one of those reasons is pressing of the item. It is imperative that a purchaser ought to associate with the item. A pressing ambiguously… READ FULL BLOG

Role of Color Testing Tools in Food Industry

What’s looking tempting, must be tasting good, this is what food lovers perceive. Half of the food industry is making money solely with the appearance of the item. This is why every day we get to hear about different technologies… READ FULL BLOG

Keeping Color Quality Check on Artificial Plants

Today’s artificial plants look nothing like the dull silk flowers you might remember from the 1970s. Modern faux plants can now mimic just about any species in great detail, from every small notch of wood on the trunk of a… READ FULL BLOG

Quantify the Color Quality of Capsule Cover

Capsules play a vital role in the life of the human beings to treat their ailments, diseases, and other health related issues. These pills are used to treat all types of diseases whether genetic or chronic. The color of the… READ FULL BLOG

Testing Color Quality of Rigid Plastic Material

Manufacturers in Plastic Industries continuously face rejections at the time of manufacturing due to the color consistency of the colors. Maintaining the color of the rigid plastics throughout the production process is the prime concern for the manufacturers to ensure… READ FULL BLOG

Quantify the Color Quality in Paper and Packaging Easily

There are various factors that convince a buyer to invest his money in your product and one of those reasons is packing of the product. It is very important that a buyer should connect with the product. A packing vaguely… READ FULL BLOG

Producing Toys with More Improved Colors

Across a variety of product line, plastic plays an important role. One of the most widely used raw material, it is cost effective, easy to mould and reuse. Plastics can take attractive shapes and colors depending upon its application. When… READ FULL BLOG

Ensuring Color Consistency in Automobile Paint Post Accident

Being able to match a vehicle color perfectly is the mark of a high-end auto body repair shop. When a consumer turns to a body shop for car repairs after a crash, their goal is to get their vehicle back… READ FULL BLOG

Role of Gloss Meter in Furniture Industry

High gloss surfaces are gaining more and more importance in the furniture industry, a clear example of this is the surface in kitchen furniture. Looking at the product range of diverse panel and furniture manufacturer, this trend is quite obvious:… READ FULL BLOG

Testing Color Quality of Edible Oil

To a gourmet chef, a fine bottle of high-quality extra virgin olive oil is a thing of beauty. Many of these high-end oils are deep gold in color, with an appearance that’s rich, thick and almost honey-like. But this isn’t… READ FULL BLOG

Precise Color Measurement can help in Botanical Research

There are many important reasons to be able to distinguish between similarly colored plants. Botanists in the field can turn to color identification to differentiate otherwise similar vegetation or to help identify a new species. Rose breeders and other floriculturists… READ FULL BLOG

Testing of Site-Mixed Cement Color for Consistency

Construction contractors often choose to mix cement on-site as it allows them to gain a better end result for a lower overall cost. However, this can pose significant challenges for manufacturers of such mixes, particularly when it comes to color…. READ FULL BLOG

How to conduct Color Measurement of Capsules?

Capsules play a vital role in the life of the human beings to treat their ailments, diseases, and other health related issues. These pills are used to treat all types of diseases whether genetic or chronic. The color of the… READ FULL BLOG

The Importance of Color Consistency in Cosmetics

Color is what enables artists to turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece or a white wall into the focal point of a room. While many of us may not have the artistic ability of these professionals, we do paint… READ FULL BLOG

Adding Accuracy in Wall Painting Lead to More Customers

Color matching has long been a standard offering of paint retailers. In the old days, it involved thousands of different printed color swatches homeowners or contractors could visually pair with the sample they wanted to match to. They’d bring in… READ FULL BLOG

Testing Color of Fruit Juices for Quality Assurance

Color is the first thing customers see in juice and it dictates their experience of your product more than virtually any other factor. Color is of the highest importance whether you are creating a traditional fruit juice, a new, healthier… READ FULL BLOG

Generate Accurate Colors for Microblading of Brows

One of the most important parts of the Microblading process is, of course, color.  To ensure the end result is as natural as possible, ink manufacturers have to recreate a rainbow of natural hair colors for a wide variety of… READ FULL BLOG

Glass Color Measurement with Spectrophotometer

Glass offers limitless possibilities as a core structural and design element in architecture because of its beauty and practicality. Architectural glass used as a building material can unite an interior space with the outdoors, permits the creative use of natural… READ FULL BLOG

Plastic Pallets Color Measurement

Extruded plastic compounds cut into smaller pieces and later be used in further plastic-forming processes such as extrusion or injection molding, pellets are a key component to virtually all plastic manufacturing processes. And the first step in ensuring consistency of… READ FULL BLOG

Evaluating Color Quality in Playground Equipments

Playground equipment can be built using a wide variety of materials, from wood to steel, rope to rubber. Plastics, however, are amongst the most forgiving materials, providing relatively soft surfaces, rounded edges, and no risk of splinters. As such, playgrounds… READ FULL BLOG

Testing Gloss Level of Nail Paint Color

Products that we see every single day have standards of measurement in regard to weight and size specifications – but some industries have to consider additional specifications such as glossiness. In these industries, the reflectiveness of the surface is a… READ FULL BLOG

How to Resolve Metamerism in Wall Paints?

Wall painting has become more technical with time. Earlier it was merely, a part of house construction plan and was done just to cover the skeletal structure. And it was repainted only when it used to fall off from the… READ FULL BLOG

Role of Pharmaceutical Color Measurement in Medicinal Syrups

Color have a strong impact on people’s mental perception of taste. Especially, in kids. They choose their food their beverages and even medications based on the taste. The medicine bitter in taste or entirely tasteless if has an interesting color… READ FULL BLOG

Testing color consistency in Building Materials

If you’ve ever taken a road trip, you may have noticed that fast food restaurant buildings all have virtually the same appearance from franchise-to-franchise. When you visit a Taco Bell, you’ll see almost the exact same pale orange stucco on… READ FULL BLOG

Assuring Color Consistency in Powdered Drinks

Customers who buy powdered drink products have a very specific idea of what color their drink is supposed to be. So, powdered drink brands have a vested interest in creating powders that consistently produce drinks of the same color. For… READ FULL BLOG

Detection of Fake Drugs with Precise Color Assessment

The World Health Organization (WHO) in 2012 estimated that the global market for counterfeit pharmaceuticals generated $431 billion in gross annual revenues from fake products. Since then, WHO has stopped estimating the counterfeit industry’s revenues because of the difficulties in… READ FULL BLOG

Conduct Liquid Color Measurement for Aviation Gasoline

Fuel is an important part of any vehicle, be it cars, trucks or planes. It is the life-generating battery for the transport due to which it kick starts to run. Covering the majority of fuels, we can observe that all… READ FULL BLOG

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