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Check Color Quality of Logo to Improve Brand Image

Brand refers to the design, symbol, name, term etc. that determines the goods or service of the seller which is different from others. Our life is surrounded by many brands such as nourishment brand, apparel brands, telephone brands etc. We… READ FULL BLOG

Understand Types of Gloss Meter To Estimate Gloss of Papers

A Gloss meter is an equipment used to measure the specular reflection of a surface like a gloss. Gloss is determined by protruding a beam of light at a constant intensity and angle onto a surface and measuring the amount… READ FULL BLOG

Measure Whiteness of Packaging Films with Spectrophotometer

Whiteness can be referred to as a measure of how closely a surface matches the properties of a perfect reflecting diffuser i.e. an ideal reflecting surface that neither absorbs nor transmits light, but reflects it at an equal intensity in… READ FULL BLOG

Measure Fruit Juice Color Using Appropriate Color Device

Color & Product Perception Color is the most important factor that a customer sees in juices and it dictates their experience of the product virtually than any other factor. Color is of utter most importance to the customers especially if… READ FULL BLOG

Check Gloss of Magazine Using Standardised Equipment

Consumer magazines are everyday media commodities, found everywhere to retail settings of urban environments around the developed world. Magazines communicate popular culture and encircle it in the form of cultural commodity. It is considered both as objects and signs. Consumer… READ FULL BLOG

Provide Efficient Color Measurement System to Painters

Color matching is the major problem that arises with the painters. Color painters are using various sources such as color books and chip books to include variety in paints. The colors have expanded to the manifold in recent years such… READ FULL BLOG

Five Benefits of Using a Gloss Meter

A gloss meter is widely used to measure gloss units on painted, coated and shiny surfaces typically from 20-degree, 60-degree and 85-degree reflective angles. A versatile tool, the gloss meter can be used on smooth, treated or untreated surfaces such… READ FULL BLOG

Benefits of Using a Portable Spectrophotometer

Whether you are performing color quality control from a small lab or aspire to improve your overall color quality control protocol, you may consider using a portable spectrophotometer. Instruments that have a smaller footprint are the perfect solution for cramped… READ FULL BLOG

Quantitative Analysis of Chemicals Using Spectrophotometer

Chemical mixtures absorb, transmits and reflect light in a particular range of wavelength. Spectrophotometer measures how much a chemical substance absorbs and transmits. It is widely used in quantitative analysis in several fields such as biochemistry, industrial applications, physics, chemistry… READ FULL BLOG

Color Quality Factor Affects the Buying Decision of Customer

Quality represents a degree of excellence. Quality of foods are therefore characteristics that distinguish individual units of a product. It plays a significant role to assess the degree of acceptability of that unit to the user. With reference to fruits… READ FULL BLOG

Select Best Color Measurement Device to Test Color Quality of Paper

Paper plays an important role in color reproduction as its optical and surface properties affect how light is reflected. Therefore how color and tonal values appear when printed. The type of paper on which color is reproduced has a great… READ FULL BLOG

Identify Quality of Portable Water Using Spectrophotometer

Water quality is difficult to identify. Quality is important in every aspect whether you are dealing with large bodies of water or the tiny bottles that you buy in the supermarket. When you go to the kitchen and fill your… READ FULL BLOG

Color Impact of Paint and Coatings on Our Buying Decision

Colors influence 59%-79% of purchase decisions of the customers. We find paints and coatings everywhere such as homes, offices, walls, furniture etc. Colors possess a great impact on the psychology of buyers. Cars have a variety of coatings applied to… READ FULL BLOG

Analyse Color of Foods Using Right Testing Instrument

Color measurement systems are used to evaluate a wide range of food products. The food products include formulated foods, meat products, spices, syrups etc. Visible light is found between 380 and 780 nm in the electromagnetic spectrum. When light hits… READ FULL BLOG

Evaluating Glossy Products with Quality Device

In order to sell glossy products, it is important to check the glossiness of products. As gloss is an aspect of visual perception of objects which is equally important as color when looking into the psychological impact of products on… READ FULL BLOG

Can Paint Colors Affect The Quality Of Products

Color is important for paint and coatings especially in industrial, marine, transportation etc. Color is used in the coatings industry for safety such as safety yellow, identification such as pipes coated blue signifies gas flowing through them, and for branding…. READ FULL BLOG

Assess Color Of Beverages To Increase Color Efficiency

Color is an important factor to measure the quality assurance of food and beverages. Quality of food is strongly assessed by its color and color consistency represents the brand image. So, it is important to maintain color consistency. Color predetermines… READ FULL BLOG

Buy High-Quality Vegetables Using Color Measurement Device

Many fruits and vegetables are enormous in the super market. Colors lead consumers to judge differences in product properties. Almost 39 volunteers rated the expected properties of carrots with different colors. Lower saturation of orange was related to lower freshness… READ FULL BLOG

Improve Quality of Automobile Color to Increase Production

In our everyday lives, an infinite number of colors surround us. Colors are usually taken for granted but they play an important role in our daily lives. For example, the color of a person’s face displays a person’s health, colors… READ FULL BLOG

Check Fading Away of Colors from Plastics

Consumers nowadays are savvier than ever. Their prime focus is on the safety and durability of Plastics. With the requirement of high-quality products, the urge for plastics based on color has increased. The need to maintain the primary color is… READ FULL BLOG

Satisfy Customers with Glossy Products Testing It with Gloss Meter

Gloss is an important feature of our visual perception of objects. The surface that has high reflectance are seen as glossy, shiny or lustrous. Less reflective surfaces are seen as semi-gloss or matt. The interaction of light with the physical… READ FULL BLOG

Analyse Color of Products with Portable Spectrophotometer

Colors are everywhere in our daily lives. Have you ever measured color? The Portable Spectrophotometer is a device used to measure colors. Colors are dependent on lights. We can analyse or recognise an object by its color like red apple,… READ FULL BLOG

Remove Color Complexes From Fabrics Using Color Matching Cabinet

Color errors lead to scrapped products, wasted time and extra expense for brands. To achieve color accuracy in textile, manufacturers make use of methods to test the color consistency in fabrics. The goal of any manufacturing process is to have… READ FULL BLOG

Test Color of Cosmetics Using Spectrophotometer

Cosmetics market offers a wide range of choices. Many people stick to a basic color palette that suits their look and style. Repeatability in cosmetic manufacturing is an essential part of quality. Color cosmetics are based on effective and consistent… READ FULL BLOG

Measure Color of Paints with TP-110 Precision Color Measurement Device

Colors are an important part of the paints and coatings industry. It is used in car manufacturing, furniture, household products etc.  Many challenges are faced to ensure the color quality of products. Accurate color measurement helps in cost savings through… READ FULL BLOG

Measure Surface Lustre of Glossy Products Using Digital Gloss Meter

Gloss is referred to as comparing visual perception in various objects and surfaces. The interaction of light with the physical features of the surface used to develop gloss. Gloss meters are used to evaluate the shine of the surface to… READ FULL BLOG

Improve Appearance Of Products By Using Color Matching Cabinet

The color of an object depends on the mix of light frequencies that reach our eyes. The mix depends on two things they are frequencies that the object absorbs and the frequencies in the original light source. The differences in… READ FULL BLOG

Color absorption value used to analyse colors of substances

Each color in the light have several wavelengths when light reaches an object, some wavelengths get absorbed and others get reflected back. The green color of the leaf appears green because all other colors have been absorbed. A spectrophotometer is… READ FULL BLOG

Testing Printing Consistency with Portable Spectrophotometer

Hues are picked to affect the view of the client about the nature of the item. Keeping the shading coding aside, there is a great deal of research work engaged with making the shading determination for prints and bundling. Energetic… READ FULL BLOG

Measuring Color Coordinates for Aviation Fuel

Fuel is a significant piece of any vehicle, be it autos, trucks or planes. It is the life-producing battery for the vehicle because of which it kick begins to run. Covering most of energizes, we can see that every one… READ FULL BLOG

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