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TP20XE Large Aperture Precision

While performing color measurement testing on various products, the complete instrument need to be placed inside the testing object which not only harm the instrument, but also let the moisture enter the device body which leads to color contamination. To solve this problem, Testronix has introduced TP20XE. It’s a vertical structure, color measurement instrument. The device ensures that the measuring aperture of the instrument will only touch the specimen and will not damage the body.

Testronix TP20XE is a handy and portable color measurement instrument which works on illumination or viewing geometry of 45o/0o. The device provides the measuring aperture of 20mm. As suggested by the name of the device, the instrument has biggest aperture when comparing with other color measurement devices. Moreover, the device ensures high accuracy that offers the best performance. The instrument is widely used in the color measurement field as it helps to eradicate the errors which are generally found between color tester and human eyes by surface strip while judging the critical value of specimen colors.

QC Department

The TP20XE is a highly recommended color measurement device that can easily fulfill the color quality control requirements of plastic industries (PET, PTA, EVA particles, PP, PE), color steel plates, powder coating, textile, pharmaceuticals, fluorescent material, food industries, etc. The device helps to reduce enterprises loss, control product quality and color difference, control production cost and improve product competitiveness.


Printing and Dyeing, building material industries, textile, denim, paper, medicine, food, color steel plate, plastic, coating, non-woven fabrics, chemical, and ink, etc.

  • The instrument provides illumination and viewing geometry of 45o / 0o.
  • Especially designed and manufactuted to perform color measurement test on wet products.
  • It provides cross location and illumination location both.
  • The machine provides LED Blue light sources.
  • It is incorporated with silicon photoelectronic array type light sensor.
  • The measuring aperture is Φ20mm.
  • The machine provides following color spaces which includes CIEXYZ, CIEL*a*b*C*h, CIEL*a*b
  • The color measurement difference is gauge with the instrument on the basis of following formulas: △E*ab, △L*a*b, △E*C*h.
  • It observes the object in D65 light.
  • The dimension of the instrument is 205 * 67 * 80 mm.
  • It’s a light weight Instrument of 500 grams.
  • It has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery of 3.7V @3200 mAh.
  • The maximum lamp life of the machine is 5 years.
  • Miniature thermal Printer is provided as an optional accessory.
  • It has inbuilt PC software.

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