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How Does Colour Measurement Helps in Branding of Your Products?

The brand name has a psychological and emotional effect on the consumer’s buying decision. It takes years to make a reputation in the market. Companies employ a big team to carefully create value, awareness and image of the product. Good... READ FULL BLOG

Different Applications of Color Testing Instruments

Everything around us has a color and it is a very amazing thing to know the accuracy and consistency that a product range has. For instance, I have some 200 notebooks in front of me having a company logo and... READ FULL BLOG

Making Toys More Attractive with Color Measurement

Across a variety of product line, plastic plays an important role… One of the most widely used raw material, it is cost effective, easy to mold and reuse. Plastics can take attractive shapes and colors depending upon its application. When... READ FULL BLOG

Enhance the Taste by Adding Accurate Colors to Your Food

Food is a fundamental part of human’s life which can’t be ignored in any country, society, civilization, and every time. It is the only means to provide nutrition to the body, and that offers a complete sense of fulfilment and... READ FULL BLOG
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