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How Colour of Bottles Impact the Liquids Packed Inside?

It is always fascinating to see how beverages are packed in beautifully coloured bottles. And, this makes me wondered always that why manufacturers choose different colours? Is it just a part of marketing strategy or does it have any scientific… READ FULL BLOG

How to Determine the Colour Difference in Colour Palettes?

“A girl should be two things classy and fabulous”.  There are many fashion conscious women around the world, who literally follow this quote, said by French fashion designer, Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel. Owing to the worldwide usage of make-up and... READ FULL BLOG

How to Achieve Colour Consistency in Ready to Eat Food?

Ready to eat food is a boon for those who don’t know how to cook. And sometimes due to busy schedule, people don’t have ample time to cook for themselves. This includes a population who are either students or working... READ FULL BLOG

Put an End to Your Color Matching Woes

The manpower in textile and apparels industry has a lot of difference in the way they work. The colorist works on different fundamentals whereas the designer has different parameters, and people from quality check department has their own parameters to... READ FULL BLOG

How to Judge the Quality of Plastic Pallets?

Testing instruments play a major role in the plastic industry. Manual analysis of quality of plastic is certainly next to impossible. From pallets to finals products, testing of plastics is done using a wide range of testing instruments. The quality... READ FULL BLOG

How to Measure the Color Quality of Solvents?

Packaging impacts the perception of consumers of pharmaceuticals in a big way. Apart from this, it helps the end consumer in making medication convenient and easy by indicating which medicine is to be taken and how it is to be... READ FULL BLOG

Use of Spectrophotometer for Color Quantification in Packaging

Precise colour control is the key behind successful quality management in the packaging industry. With the invasion of advanced colour measuring devices, accurate colour matching has become possible. Portable Spectrophotometer is the backbone of packaging and printing industry. The human... READ FULL BLOG

Different Factors Affecting Colour Fastness

The way a light is perceived by human is called the colour and this is one of the most important factors in the textile industry. The colour that catches the attention of buyer, its retention capacity, transference, fastness, etc. are... READ FULL BLOG

How to do Efficient Color Measurement of Fruits And Vegetables?

What we see is strongly influenced by what we perceive. And when it comes to buying consumables, our perception impacts our decision even before tasting. Lights reflected by the surface of the object is perceived as colour and this stimulate... READ FULL BLOG

Why Color Measurement is Important for Paint and Coating Industry?

Spectrophotometry and colour measurement is important for quality assurance and product’s colour consistency. Irrespective of the industry, colour measurement for accuracy plays a key role, be it automotive, textile, consumables, chemicals and so on. With modern equipment, equipped with reliable... READ FULL BLOG

How Does Colour Measurement Helps in Branding of Your Products?

The brand name has a psychological and emotional effect on the consumer’s buying decision. It takes years to make a reputation in the market. Companies employ a big team to carefully create value, awareness and image of the product. Good... READ FULL BLOG

Different Applications of Color Testing Instruments

Everything around us has a color and it is a very amazing thing to know the accuracy and consistency that a product range has. For instance, I have some 200 notebooks in front of me having a company logo and... READ FULL BLOG

Making Toys More Attractive with Color Measurement

Across a variety of product line, plastic plays an important role… One of the most widely used raw material, it is cost effective, easy to mold and reuse. Plastics can take attractive shapes and colors depending upon its application. When... READ FULL BLOG

Enhance the Taste by Adding Accurate Colors to Your Food

Food is a fundamental part of human’s life which can’t be ignored in any country, society, civilization, and every time. It is the only means to provide nutrition to the body, and that offers a complete sense of fulfilment and... READ FULL BLOG
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