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Understanding Standards And Process Of Gloss Measurement

The gloss of material can be measured by an instrument known as gloss meter which calculates the gloss in the unit (GU) i.e. gloss unit to a specified surface. The GU scale of a gloss meter is based on an… READ FULL BLOG

CIE Color Systems And Concept Of Color Spaces

CIE established different standards and methodologies to understand the series of color spaces. These color spaces clearly explain the visible spectrum. Using these systems, we can easily compare the different color…

Role of Colors in Pharmaceutical Products

The effect of a medicine on human body is very much influenced by the way human mind works and the scientific studies suggest that the color of medicines has a deep effect on the mind of the patients. This is… READ FULL BLOG

Features Of Spectrophotometers That Help The Users In Ensuring The Best Color Quality Analysis Of Products

  The portable spectrophotometers are the devices that are a hybrid version of color measuring device that is used for analysis of the color quality of the products by the analysis of the colorimetric data like XYZ and CIEL *a*b* values for… READ FULL BLOG

How can spectrophotometer be used for analytical study in different scientific fields?

The spectrophotometer is a widely used testing instrument that is used in the analytical chemistry for different testing procedures. The instrument is designed to work on the transmittance and absorbance of different …

Devices that are Used in Industries for Color Measurement

The color of products is a primary aspect that is used for communication of different features of the product affects the minds of the customers. It can be said that the color is one of the driving forces for every… READ FULL BLOG

Select Best Color Measurement Product for Your Industry

Testronix Instruments permits industrial buyers to select best colorimeters in terms of configuration, features, type, specifications and many more. Testronix, being a world class manufacturer of color measurement devices offers…

Different Properties Measured with Color Measurement Instruments

The color of any product is the core part that explains the appearance of the product apart from its size, shape, gloss that depends on the arrangement of the incident light, spectral response of the viewer and transmittance of the… READ FULL BLOG

Effect Of Type Of Illumination In Color Measurement

Color measurement is one of the most commonly used experimental methods which is used for analyzing the quality of the products. The color measuring gives valuable data about the quality and features of a materials…

Reliable Source for Color Measurement of Liquids – Portable Spectrophotometers

Liquids products are prepared and manufactured in various production houses such as beverages, pharmaceuticals, and many more. Whether it is in the form of acids or in solvents, they have different properties like transparent…

How to Measure the Differences in Colors

Colorimeters, the best way of color measurement, nowadays are widely used in different production segments such as in industries and laboratories for research and analysis to express the color differences numerically ….

Analyze Color Quality Issues of Fabrics

Role of Color in Textile Industry Colors play a significant role in textile industries and seriously affect the appearance of the goods. Buying behaviors of the customer in the textile industry often made on the basis of product color. Hence,… READ FULL BLOG

Determine the Color Quality of Tomato Products

Why to Measure Tomato Color? The color and appearance of the products are the primary attributes that stimulate the people to purchase, consume and enjoy the product. Tomatoes are known for their vibrant Red color…

Ensure Least Occurrence Of Metamerism In Products With Color Matching box

  The color matching box is one of the most commonly used instrument that is used for matching the color of the products with a specific reference standard. The instrument is used in the industries for ensuring that the products have… READ FULL BLOG

How Calibration of Colorimeters Is Done?

The color measurement is a major procedure in most of the industries in today’s time. The manufacturers need to ensure that the products they deliver to the customs are of best quality, and the color plays a vital role in… READ FULL BLOG

Different Types of Colorimeters

Colorimeters Colorimeters are the best measurement instruments as compared to other color measurement device, as they are offers best features at low cost. As such, they are usually used as quality control devices…

Textile Color Matching Solutions

A variety of situations that affect the appearance of the colors includes different source of lights, perception of different observers, the size of the product, background color and the angle of observance…

Ensure the Color Consistency of Automotive Paints & Coatings with Color Checkers

The automotive market all over the world depends on the delicate balance of global supply networks for aftermarket components. To meet the demands of the customer’s products must reveal consistent color harmony.

Inspect Exact Colors of Metallic Inks Using Portable Spectrophotometers

The metallic ink typically contains aluminum flake pigments and a distinct layer which is overprinted with a layer of colored ink or as an element within the colored ink. In either case, they produce a very desirable appearance, exhibiting a… READ FULL BLOG

Factors Affecting Spectral Reflectance Curve

Remote sensing is done on the basis of measurement of emitted or reflected radiation from different bodies. Objects having different surface features reflect or absorb the radiation of light in various ways….

Use Of Spectrophotometers For Testing The Textile Pigments

The textile pigments are widely used in the processing of textile products such as dyeing and printing. It is essential for the manufacturers of the textile products to ensure that the final products have the best appearance. For this, the… READ FULL BLOG

Importance of spectral reflectance curves in Green Vegetation

The colors of a surface can be easily characterized by the amount of electromagnetic energy that is reflected from the surface at a particular wavelength. This amount of energy that is reflected from the surface is measured in percentages and… READ FULL BLOG

Standard Geometries Used to Measure Colors

Measuring Geometries plays a significant role in measuring and assessing the color of the different sample. The surface and the structural features of the sample depicts spectral differences due to the incident radiations that transmitted…

Measure the Color of Food & Beverages with Portable Spectrophotometers

Spectrophotometers are the widely used color measuring devices that can evaluate the color of different things efficiently. Color controlling units, designers, manufacturers, and manufacturers make use of highly advanced methods ….

Modern Way to Evaluate Colors – TP 300 Color Checker

Testronix’s TP 300 is one of the best color checkers which is designed by the highly skilled team of Professionals. The instrument is used in a significant number of industries to measure the color consistencies of a vast …

Test The Color Of Food With Great Accuracy With Testronix Colorimeters

The color checkers are widely used testing instruments in various industries for the purpose of testing the quality and composition of various materials and products. The instrument gives the measure of the absorbance….

Best Quality Spectrophotometer for Food Color Quality Assessment

Importance of Color Measurement in Food Industries Objectively controlling and deciding actual color shade always starts by following a process. It requires appropriate attention for measuring colors from raw….

Detect the Color Defects with TP 110 Precision Color Tester

Colors direct effect the psychological level of humans and hence affect their buying behaviors. The manufacturers need to take this as an important factor to enhance the quality of their production. The highly precise….

Measure Color of Plastic Pellets using Color Testers

Colors of plastics are measured before extruding or molding the pellets into the final product. These are usually uneven in size and translucent in nature. Hence, exclusive accessories and presentation techniques are required…

Achieve Consistent Color Of PET Bottles With Color Testers

The color is the essential property which significantly affects the buying behavior of the customers and help to change the perception of the customers. Many Beverages and pharmaceutical companies understand …

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