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Leading and Innovative Solution to Measure the Color Quality of Papers

Manufacturers of papers and paper products from all across the globe choose high-quality and highly reliable testing instrument to test the color consistency of the papers. Testronix, a world’s trusted and leading….

Test the Colors of Capsules & Pills with Highly Effective TP 800 Spectrophotometer

Role of Colors in Pharmaceutical Industries Capsules and Pills are the basic and essential thing that helps to treat the patients. The capsules and pills are used for the treatment of chronic as well as genetic diseases. The color of… READ FULL BLOG

Give Your Products Best Color Quality with Accurate Color Measuring Instruments

Powders, grains and pastes are widely used in dishes all over the world. They are used for various dishes in various hotels and restaurants. The pastes and purees are mainly made from fruits and vegetables, and the quality of the… READ FULL BLOG

Use of Colorimeters in Different Industries

Why Colorimeters are used? In the analytical chemistry, the colorimetric process is used for the purpose of determining the presence of colored compounds in a given solution. The technique is very efficient in analyzing …

How To Use A Spectrophotometer To Detect The Concentration Of A Solute In A Chemical Solution?

  Chemical solutions are widely used in different industries. They are used for the preparation of different chemical concoctions that are further used in different processes. The concentration of the solutes in the solutions is one of the major factors… READ FULL BLOG

Inspect the Color Vibrancy of the Syrups and Pharmaceutical Solutions with TP 810 Spectrophotometer

Pharmaceutical liquid products, syrups, and solutions are widely used by the patients to treat their ailments and diseases. The medicines are available in the form of syrups for those patients those who can’t swallow…

TP 60CP – Best & Portable Solution to Measure the Colors of Preforms Plastics

  Preforms are the basic material which is used to produce PET plastic bottles. These bottles are prepared after the blow molding process of the Preforms to give appropriate shape to the preforms to produce the final product. The Preforms… READ FULL BLOG

Measure the Colors of Snacks to Make the Snack Food delicious

  People nowadays have become more foodie and to a great extent and they have completely changed the custom patterns of eating for an instance from three meals to eight meals per day. This has happened because of the convenience… READ FULL BLOG

TP 310 Portable Color Measurement Instrument – Best to Measure the Color of Tomatoes

  Tomatoes are used on a large scale for preparing and developing various types of dishes to add compositions, flavors and other properties to the dishes. The color of the tomatoes is an essential parameter that influences the taste and… READ FULL BLOG

Test The Color Consistency Of Concrete With Concrete Color Measurement

  The color is a crucial part in the field of architecture. The builders and architects cannot ignore the requirement of high-quality of colors in the area of architecture. It is all about the perfectness and vibrancy of the colors… READ FULL BLOG

Spectrophotometers for Food Dye Analysis

Importance of Different Food Colors Food dyes are very important for the food industry as they are used for incorporating best color for the food products. As the color is associated with the human psychologically, it is very important to… READ FULL BLOG

Provide Vibrant Look To The Buildings By Using Decorative Glasses

  The glass is the most useful material which is used by most of the architects for different purposes at the time of construction. The architects use these glasses to fulfill the requirement of beautification and transparency. There is a … READ FULL BLOG

How Spectrophotometers Are Used In Paint Industries?

Color – Important Aspect in Paint Industry The paint is a material that is commonly used in almost every industry and even in the domestic products. The color of a paint material is one of the most important aspects of… READ FULL BLOG

How To Measure The Color Of Building Materials Easily

The field of the architect is growing day by day at a faster pace. It includes all the products that are related to the construction of buildings. The major requirement of these buildings is the appearance or look. No matter… READ FULL BLOG

Best To Assess The Color Of Fabric Swatches

The swatches are the samples that are used to represent big fabrics. These swatches are used for the testing purposes and sampling. Various types of tests that are usually performed on the fabric swatches include staining test…

Examine The Color Vibrancy Of Liquids

Liquid products are manufactured in various industries such as detergent making, pharmaceutical, food products, beverages and many more. The major property of the liquids that explain their quality is the color…

Color Measurement of Detergents & Stains of Fabrics

Use of Detergents Detergents are specifically used in textile industries. The textile industries make use of different type of detergents for cleaning the swatches, fabrics, garments, and many more. The detergents play an important ..

Different Industries Where The Handheld Spectrophotometers Are Used

A spectrophotometer is a widely used instrument in the field of color measurement and quality analysis. The instruments are used for detecting various quality traits of a material or products with the help of UV-visible spectrum. With the help of… READ FULL BLOG

Provide Better Color Quality To Petrochemicals

The Petrochemicals are produced from various residual products that are left after the process of refining of crude oil or petroleum products. The Petrochemical comprises of a broad range of products such as cosmetics…

Provide Exotic Look To The Roofs By Measuring Vibrancy Of Colors

  The colors in the field of architecture play a vital role. It totally depends on the color of the structure of a section of a structure that makes the product look attractive, pleasing and exotic for the visitors. The… READ FULL BLOG

How To Measure Color Using Colorimeter?

What is the Colorimetric Measurement? Analysis of the colors of different materials and products is one of the major parts of the quality assurance process in industries. The color of the materials is one of the major constituents of the… READ FULL BLOG

Ensure The Color Vibrancy Of Chemicals With Best Color Measurement Solutions

Chemicals are used everywhere for small and big purposes for domestic uses as well as industrial uses such as laboratory compounds, domestic household products such as detergents, soaps, in textile industries for material die…

How To Test The Colors Of Detergent Powders And Liquids?

Detergents are used in textile industries as well as in homes to wash clothes. It is the best way that clean the dust from the surface of the fabrics. The compounds or small molecules of the detergents have many properties… READ FULL BLOG

Why to Choose Portable Spectrophotometers?

Spectrophotometers are used to measure the spectral data that explains the high level of accuracy as compared to any other color measurement instruments. A portable spectrophotometer measures the light which….

Evaluate Liquid’s Color Properties with Portable Spectrophotometers

Liquids are used in numerous production verticals such as Pharmaceuticals, beverages, and many more. From acids to solvents, liquid chemicals can be transparent, translucent and opaque in nature. Moreover, these are manufactured..

How To Measure The Color Quality Of Concrete?

Testronix offers a broad range of color measurement instruments to select the appropriate testing machine that can help you to measure the color of cement and concrete and to fulfill different color quality control requirement.

Study the Difference between Color & Appearance

Study the Difference between Color & Appearance   The color is defined when there is an interaction between human eye that senses the actual stimulus and physical appearance of the product. This is communicated to the neural system of the… READ FULL BLOG

Requirement Of Food Color Measurement

  It is quite necessary to measure the color consistency of the food products to judge the taste of the products. The idea behind choosing the accurate ingredients and the colors to make the food delicious, it is directly come… READ FULL BLOG

Applications Of Spectrophotometers In Structural Analysis Of Chemical Compounds

Spectrophotometry is a very common term which refers to the process of analysis of the samples and specimen with the help of UV-visible spectrum. The spectrophotometric analysis is very accurate and helps the users in ensuring…

Know the Colors Efficiently with Color Measurement Instruments

An endless number of colors are surrounded by us and attracts the attention of numerous people every moment. We all take colors for granted but actually it plays a vital role in our daily lives. It not only influences our… READ FULL BLOG

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