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Color Measurement Devices for Textiles

Color Spaces in Testing Devices Color space is an organization of all the colors. The concept of color space is utilized in all color measuring devices and allows the representation of colors on digital display in the form of numbers…. READ FULL BLOG

Ensure High Quality Of Concrete With Accurate Concrete Color Measurement

Color is an indispensable aspect of architecture. One cannot ignore the need for the perfect color in the field of architecture. It is the vibrancy and perfectness of colors that make a design pleasing and attractive. If the colors of… READ FULL BLOG

Ensure Best Quality Of Products With Precise Color Measurements

  Color has a very specific and important role in defining the properties of a plastic material or products. Sometimes, the color is also related to the purpose of the product as well. As most of the manufacturers rely on… READ FULL BLOG

Make Sure Your Liquid Detergents Are Of Best Quality With Liquid Color Measurement

  Detergent are widely used in many industries for removing stains and grease from different surfaces and products. The detergents have specially charged molecules that attract the molecules of grease and then take away from the surface on which the… READ FULL BLOG

Maintain Best Color Quality Of Fabric Swatches With Efficient Swatches Color Measurement

  Fabric swatches are mainly used in the textile industry for representation of a bigger piece of fabrics. They are used mainly for sampling and testing purposes. Various tests that are performed on the fabric swatches include color fastness test,… READ FULL BLOG

Give Your Customers Best Color Quality Of Solvents With Highly Precise Color-Measuring Instruments

  Solvents are mainly used in chemical laboratories and industries for dissolving any other substance in them. They can dissolve any type of solute, mainly chemicals in solid or powder forms. Although solvents are also used for dissolving gaseous and… READ FULL BLOG

Check the Color Quality Of The Products with Cereal Color Measuring Instruments

  Food has been serving as the main source of life energy for human beings from a long time. The food is not only used for providing energy to the body, but it is also a great way of providing… READ FULL BLOG

Give Your Whole Grains Best Color Consistency With Grain Color Measurement

  Grains constitute a major part of our diet. It is essential to take whole grains in our diet to make sure that we get all the nutrients and fibers. Whole grains are used in a variety of forms for… READ FULL BLOG

What Does Spectrophotometer Measures?

  In the world of colors, the spectrophotometer is a commonly used term. A spectrophotometer is a color analysis device that is used in most of the laboratories and industries to measure the absorbance offered by a chemical solution when light passes… READ FULL BLOG

Working Principle & Applications of Colorimeters

When it comes to the appearance of products, the most important aspect of appearance is the color of the product. The color contributes a major portion of the appearance and hence it is essential to ensure that the color of… READ FULL BLOG

Give Your Customers The Best Quality Beverages With Accurate Color Measurement

  Beverages have been used by human beings for thousands of years, and they have been an important part of our diets. They have been used in the form of wines, soft drinks, health drinks and so forth. Today also,… READ FULL BLOG

Maintain Best Look And Taste Of Cereals With Efficient Cereal Color Measurement

  Cereal is a major part of breakfast for a large portion of population all over the world. They are considered as a healthy and nutritious option for breakfast. As a food items, the cereals are not only meant for… READ FULL BLOG

The color analysis is a method that is used for evaluation of an unknown sample with reference to the known colors. It is basically a technique of evaluation by comparing a sample with a standard color. The analysis is used… READ FULL BLOG

Give Your Customers Vibrant Plastic Products With Precise Resin Color Measurement

  Plastics are found in a variety of fields now a days. They are utilized for a variety of purposes in a variety of industries. There are some outstanding properties exhibited by the plastic materials that make them ideal for… READ FULL BLOG

Make Your Baked Food More Appealing To The Customers With Efficient Baked Goods Color Measurement

When we talk about food, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it gives us energy and is an essential need for our life. The food we eat is not only meant to provide us energy only,… READ FULL BLOG

Make Your Chemical Powders Vibrant With The Help Of Efficient Powder Color Measurement Instruments

There is a vast variety of applications where chemicals are used in powder form. These applications include food, paints, Coatings, plating, etc. The powders are easy to handle and easy to apply hence they are the most preferred options in… READ FULL BLOG

Use of High-End Spectral Technology For Quality Assurance Of Pharmaceutical Products

Pain relieving drugs are very common nowadays and have made our life a lot much better. Today, we have such medicines that can help in blocking some of the pain receptors and relieve the pain effectively. Although, if the formulation… READ FULL BLOG

Importance of Bright Colors in Food Products

Psychology of Colors The color is a basic thing through which we perceive the quality and taste of the food. Apart from appearance, the color is also associated with the quality and intensity of the ingredients included in a food… READ FULL BLOG

What is color space? The concept of color space depicts a mathematical model for the organization of different colors. With the help of color space models, it becomes possible to represent the colors reproducibility in analog as well as digital… READ FULL BLOG

Test The Visual Quality Of Products With Best Color Matching Systems

  Colors are based on the perception of the humans based on various characteristics, and it is one the very crucial visual signals we need to inspect the quality of the objects. For example, to ensure the elicits of product… READ FULL BLOG

Test the Vibrancy of Liquid Color Ingredients with Best Color Measurement Instruments

  Liquid Ingredients comprises like sugar materials, corn syrup, honey, molasses maple syrups etc. which makes liquid products that includes vanilla flavours, strawberry flavours, vegetable oils and other related flavours. Liquid ingredients can be opaque, translucent or transparent in nature… READ FULL BLOG

Identify The Colors Of Papers And Paper Products Using Testronix’s TP 110

  Papers are used on a large scale to produce different products like notebooks, resume documents, packaging products and many more. The appearance of these products plays a significant role to grab the attention of the customers and to change… READ FULL BLOG

Ensure The Color Consistency Of Building Materials With Superior Quality Of Color Measurement Instruments

In today’s world building materials are widely used products with the fastest growing market for real estate. Construction materials such as concrete, cement, bricks, glass, etc. are the products which help the building to stand and used for its infrastructure…. READ FULL BLOG

Identify The Colors Of Capsules And Pills

  Role of Capsules in Human Life Pills and capsules play a significant role in life that helps to treat the conventional ailments of the patients. These products are used to treat chronic as well as genetic diseases. The color of… READ FULL BLOG

Use of Spectrophotometers in Different Industries

What is Spectrophotometry? Spectrophotometry is the analysis of the reflection and Transmissive properties of the test specimen. The spectrophotometry deals with the visible light spectrum of electromagnetic waves along with the UV spectrum as well as Infrared spectrum. The instruments… READ FULL BLOG

The customers today want their detergents and cleaning supplies to be more powerful and efficient. In addition to that, they also must be environment-friendly and economical. The efficiency and effectiveness of a detergent can be analyzed through various tests that… READ FULL BLOG

TP 60CP – Sophisticated Way To Measure The Colors Of Materials

The importance of colors is increasing daily in every production vertical with the increasing requirement of colorful materials. Same is happening in the digital market. These colors plays a significant role to make the customers familiar with the differences in… READ FULL BLOG

Measure The Colors Of Pharmaceutical Liquids And Syrups With Tp 810 Spectrophotometer

Pharmaceutical liquids and products such as mixtures, syrups, and solutions are used to treat the patients as it is difficult to swallow tablets and gel capsules. These liquids products are generally packed in different colors of containers that help the… READ FULL BLOG

Test The Color Of All Meat Products With High Quality Of Meat Color Measurement Instruments

  The color of the meat products is a major factor that severely affect the eating decisions of the consumers as color are directly related to the freshness and quality of the products. When the consumers enter a meat shop,… READ FULL BLOG

Significance Of Color Measurement In Coating Industry

All the industrial goods are designed and manufactured to influence the buying behavior of the customers towards the products. The look and appearance of the products plays a vital role for the same to promote the product universally. Hence, the… READ FULL BLOG

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