A roof is the most important element in protecting a home or business. In addition to its practical function, roofing plays a major role in the design and overall appearance of these structures. Modern roofing solutions offer more freedom of choice in terms of shape, appearance, color and texture, from the most simple to avant-garde. Whether it is painted steel, shingle or slate material, used on gable, A-frame or hip type roofs, controlling the color of roofing materials can significantly make a difference on the exterior appearance and harmony of the house or business it protects. In this blog section, we will discuss on accurate color measurement using building material color measurement tools such as portable spectrophotometer.

Roofing tiles come in many forms. Due to the wide variation of these materials and applications, there are several choices of color measurement instrumentation, for both laboratory use and online in the production environment. But 95% of the customers choose a 45°/0° geometry instrument as a QC tool for its ability to measure color the way the human eye sees color, capturing both the effect of color and the effect of gloss and texture. This is the geometry that is recommended by Testronix’s portable spectrophotometer for color measurement of finished materials that will be viewed by the end user.

This type of equipment is efficient colour measuring devices used for achieving consistency throughout the production. Anything from liquid, solids, powders, plastics, rubber, metal, fabric or you name; everything can be colour defined using this device. The device is being widely adopted in almost every industry be it designers, lab technicians, quality control managers or big brands.

It easily fit into pockets; size wise and budget wise. The best part about it is that they are easy to take to the site for inspection, not limited to use in laboratories. As far as their precision and accuracy are concerned, if you are ready to invest a bit extra, you would get large aperture and a highly precise central processing unit. Large aperture helps in capturing the colour shot without any external light interference. This device comes with an aperture of 8 mm diameter to capture the colour. It’s a battery-operated device and has a touchscreen controls. Due to its portable nature, onsite inspection, quality control on manufacturing line can be easily done.

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