The role of colors is vital in the textile industry. The manufacturers of textile have many major questions to address such as which colors are liked by customers the most. Which colors sell the most? Why is it so important to approach the right color? Whether it is the color of a company logo or establishment of an identity, the colors have a significant role in defining them. The color is something that distinguishes the image of products from another. The color has an ultimate power of illumination, excitement, engagement and creation of a long lasting impression.

Testronix is a world leader in manufacturing of highly efficient color quality control management systems and instruments. We have been providing color measurement systems to a vast variety of industries from local to global scale. The use of our highly efficient testing instruments has resulted in significant improvement in productivity, efficiency and quality of the products.

Testronix has a rich portfolio that incorporates a broad range of solutions that can help the textile industries in resolving all the issues related to color quality control management. The greatest contributions to the industries include an increase in productivity, elimination of bad color quality, minimum downtime for production, reduced rejections, and more profitability. Our color management instruments have enabled the enterprises to maintain color consistency in products produced at different production units situated at different locations.

The clothes you wear, the rugs and carpets you walk on, the curtains you use for shade, the textiles are major ingredients that make these products vibrant and comfortable. Imagine if these things are provided to you in simple gray or white or black colors only. How would they look? How would you feel using them? Adding colors to textiles is a way of spicing things up and make them exciting and interesting. This makes colors an important and fundamental constituent of textile products. The manufacturers are always in need of solutions that could help them in proving the best quality of colors to their textile products. Without the proper use and proper quality of colors, there would be no success for the products they produce.

Getting the colors right is equally crucial for the textile industry as it is essential to get the right colors. There is a number of key factors that contribute to the vibrancy and quality of the colors of textile products, and one should keep these key factors in mind when measuring the color quality.

Product Development: It is a critical job to decide a color pallet or color pattern for a newly developed textile products. The decision greatly depends on the trend, the people’s choice, the practicality of the application of that color and availability of the color. The textile color matching devices provided a consistent measurement of color quality of the fabrics from start to end and from designing to execution.

New Color Demand: The trends in the fashion world keep changing rapidly. It is important to consider the demand for new color development while measuring the color quality for best quality assurance of colors of your products.

Color accuracy: Different processes and different materials yield different quality and quantity of colors. Consistency must be considered when the color quality is being measured.

Repeatable design: The color quality must be assured in such as way that the color pattern could be consistently and accurately repeated on a particular product.

Color measurement technology is here to help

The textile industry has always been evolving and has been adopting latest technologies for manufacturing and processing of textile products. Such a great demand for new and improved processes and products need to be verified with high-quality standards for quality and consistency. This is also true for maintenance of color standards. Without the best quality of colors, the textile products cannot be as popular as they are expected to be. There are many advantages of adopting color measurement instrument. Consider some them that are given below.

  • Decrease the possibility of any visual error that may occur in the product.
  • Incorporate accurate color quality control of the operational and processes.
  • Reduce rejections and reduce loss.
  • Achieve color consistency regardless of the location or producer.
  • Reduced time is taken for production.
  • Improved quality of products.

Textile Color Matching

D65 Light Box

The color viewing booth is a very important instrument that is used for matching of different products and materials for their colors with a standard reference.

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Digital Gloss Meter – Tri-angle

Testronix’s Digital Gloss Meter Tri-angle is a device which is designed specially to measure the gloss reflection on the surface of the material.

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Color Matching Box and Color Light Box

The color viewing booth is a very important instrument that is used for matching of different products and materials for their colors with a standard reference.

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Color Measurement Accessories

The wide range of color measurement instruments introduced by Testronix is very useful for color quality control.

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Portable Spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometers are the color measuring instruments that have been used in industries and have been serving the needs of the industries related to color quality...

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Portable Color Device

Colors are playing an important role at the industrial level. The colors are used by industries for adding vibrancy to their products.

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Precision Color Device

It is a well-known fact that the colors have a deep impact on humans at a psychological level. The industries need to take this fact very seriously....

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Testronix Colorimeter

TP60CP is a highly effective and economic color measuring instrument that provides very high level of precision and accuracy along with power functions...

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TP20XE Large Aperture Precision

While performing color measurement testing on various products, the complete instrument need to be placed inside the testing object which not only harm the instrument,...

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Tools that are required to provide best color consistency in textiles

Portable Products

Testronix provides the best range of portable Textile color matching instruments that are used for ensuring the best color consistency these include TP20XE Large Aperture Precision TP60CP, TP110 TP145, TP 200, TP300, TP310, TP800 portable spectrophotometers, and TP810 Portable spectrophotometers. The color measuring instruments are designed in such a way that they provide easy operation along with consistency in results and make the quality of colors better for better customer satisfaction.


Highly advanced color quality control management software that is used for maintaining the color consistency of the products. The software makes the use of testing instrument easier and more efficient.


There is a range of accessories that helps in enhancing the operation and results of our color measuring instruments and helps in enhancement of quality in a better way. The Accessories offered by Testronix include Ø8 mm large measuring aperture, Powder testing box, universal testing component, Built-in-white-calibration. These accessories assist the user in enhancing the color measurement outputs obtained from testing.

Success with flying colors

The field of textile products contains an abundance of challenges and also a vast scope for development of new technologies and solutions. Color is and will always be an important constituent of the textile products and their quality. Testronix offers the technology and instruments to obtain the most out of your color possibilities. You have the opportunity to control the quality and consistency of the colors of your products right from the start. For more information, visit testronix.

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