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Colors have the power to soothe and relax the mind. The colors are so important in the commercial world that they have a significant effect on the buying decisions of the customers. It is the power of colors that helps the manufacturers in making the products interacts with the customers. Whether it is the logo of the company or the branding of a new product, choosing the right color is crucial. The right selection of colors can help you make a profound impression on the mind of the customer that may last for a long time, and also it differentiates your products from everyone else’s.

Defining and ensuring best color quality and consistency is one of the major requirements of the industries so that they could provide a nice appearance to their products. Testronix is a global provider of high-quality color measuring solutions that have been benefiting the local industries as well as well known brands on a global scale. Our customized solutions enable the industries to reduce their rejections, improve their color consistency, reduced efforts and time for marketing and increase profitability.

The product portfolio of Testronix is a rich collection of highly accurate and reliable color measuring instruments that are used by industries for best color quality control management. In this way, they can ensure long-term benefits in terms of color quality and customer satisfaction. These long term benefits include reduced production time, reduced rejections, increased productivity and enhanced profits.

Plastics have an extensive presence in the modern world. From automobiles to domestic appliances, toys, construction materials and scientific materials, you may feel the presence of plastic in every walk of life. The versatile nature of plastics helps in molding the material in any simple, or complex shape hence can be used for a plethora of applications. Along with strength and versatility, the ability of plastic to incorporate an infinite number of colors is also a key factor that makes it so useful and extensively helpful. However, there are many challenges that are faced during the evaluation of the quality of colors hence here are some of the key factors that must be addressed while color evaluation of the plastic products.

The color quality and consistency has a lot to do with the fact that for which application the material is going to be used. The color must be evaluated with this factor in mind so that the color compliments that purpose of the application and the design of the product.

There are a continuous research and development of new materials in the field of plastic technology. It is essential to assure that the color of a new material is according to the purpose for which the material is developed.

It is important to make sure that color is stable and uniform at every point of the surface especially in the complex shapes and structures with a lot of edges and corners.

Plastic are used with many other materials such as steel, wood, etc. hence it is important to make user that the color of the plastic material is in harmony with the materials with which it is being used.

The nature of the material on which the color is also applied matters a lot. It is important to make sure that the color applied appears consistent regardless of the surface on which it is applied.

The process with which the color is applied is also a matter of fact while evaluation of the color quality. The color consistency may be affected by the process such as color applied during the molding or after the molding process. This also must be considered during color quality evaluation.

This is possible that same type of products is developed and produced at different manufacturing facilities. In that case, it is important to assure that the color quality remains the same regardless the diversity of the manufacturing facilities.

The plastic industry has been evolving rapidly and at a very fast rate. It is important for the industries to match the pace by adopting better color measuring techniques and solutions to make sure that products are provided best color quality and color consistency. With new manufacturing processes and rapid introduction of new materials, there is always need for better and better ways of color measurement that may provide the best color quality to the products. The use of proper color measurement solutions may help the industries in many respects. Some of the immediate and long-term benefits of best color measuring techniques are as follows.

  • Elimination of any sort of visual or chromatic errors.
  • Provide best and precise color quality control during manufacturing and quality testing process.
  • Minimize rejections and rework with best color consistency.
  • Achieve color uniformity in different locations and manufacturing facilities.
  • Reduce the time taken for production significantly.
  • Enhance the process of color quality control management.

There is an extensive range of color measuring solutions that are provided by Testronix that are being used widely in plastic industries for the purpose of color measurement and color quality management. These instruments are designed ergonomically for best color quality and consistency of the products regardless of their application, material or manufacturing process. Here is some of the color measuring instruments that are offered by Testronix to our esteemed customers.

The portable color measuring instruments are easy to use and efficient enough to provide the best measurement of the color quality of the products. Our extensive range of portable color measuring instruments includes TP110, TP310, TP800 portable spectrophotometers. These instruments are manufactured and designed to provide the best testing data which can help the manufacturers in enhancing the color consistency and quality significantly.


The color quality management software offered by Testronix is high-end software that is helpful in extending the usability of the instruments and also helps in integration of the test data with the PC for easy understanding and implication of the test results.


There is an extensive range of accessories that are used along with color measuring instrument to compliment the efficiency and accuracy of the instruments and also extend their usability. The various color measuring accessories that are offered by Testronix include Ø8 mm large measuring aperture, Powder testing box, universal testing component, Built-in-white-calibration. They assist the users in the enhancement of their colors quality significantly.

Material success with vibrant colors

There are plenty of opportunities in the plastic industry with color management. This also presents a plethora of challenges for color consistency and quality assurance for the manufacturers. The instruments offered by Testronix allow the manufacturers of plastic products to add vibrancy and quality to the colors of their products to leave a long lasting impression of their brand in the minds of the customers. For more information, Please visit testronix.

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