Paint & Coatings Color Measurement

Portable Spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometers are the color measuring instruments that have been used in industries and have been serving the needs of the industries related to color quality...

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Portable Color Device

Colors are playing an important role at the industrial level. The colors are used by industries for adding vibrancy to their products.

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Precision Color Device

It is a well-known fact that the colors have a deep impact on humans at a psychological level. The industries need to take this fact very seriously....

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Digital Gloss Meter – Tri-angle

Testronix Digital Gloss Meter Tri-angle is a device which is designed specially to measure the gloss reflection on the surface of the material.

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Color Measurement Accessories

The wide range of color measurement instruments introduced by Testronix is very useful for color quality control.

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D65 Light Box

The color viewing booth is a very important instrument that is used for matching of different products and materials for their colors with a standard reference.

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Color Matching Box and Color Light Box

The color viewing booth is a very important instrument that is used for matching of different products and materials for their colors with a standard reference.

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Colors – Creating the Difference
Whether introducing a brand, a corporate identity or a new product, colors have the immense power to enlighten and connect to generate an attractive first impression product that separates your product or image from others. It is meant especially to describe the properties of your product’s various characteristics. Defining colors and verifying the accuracy every time appears to be elementary for the long term achievement. Testronix is a global leader and manufacturer of color measurement instruments that provides the best purpose of visual analysis. The technocrats at Testronix, provide innovative solutions and multiple facilities from a single location to all over the world. This results in improving the productivity as well as the profitability. Testronix’s color measurement instruments offer wide range of solution that helps to measure different colors accurately throughout the process and leads to reduce down the cost through production downtime, product scrap, off-color product shipment and rework which can be simplified by managing the process of colors through multiple locations, global supply chain and helps to prevent corporate brand damage due to inferior quality rating.

Choose Appropriate Color for Every Application -
Paints and Coatings identifies, protects and define almost each and every part of our lives whether it is furniture, bridges, signs, aircraft, cars or buildings. We see coatings and colors everywhere we look. Colors are the essential component in paint & plating industry and choosing the right color for your application is even more important. There are numerous color measurement problems that need to be considered while communicating the color of the coating.

Design and develop your Products with Highly accurate color measurement devices Whether designing a shielding system for municipal infrastructure, a corporate image, or signs for a village or city, color is a major element that needs to be considered for the development process. Color measurement offers highly consistent and accurate analysis from the initial stage to the finished product.

there are extensive types of coatings and plating right from the varnishes to the solids and powders. All these products require significant measurement that helps to ensure the consistency of colors in each application. Instruments that measure the same color in different manners offer high-quality results and process saving solutions.

As the formulation of the coating differs, the material on which the coating are also applied need to be considered to choose the best coating for appropriate material like plastics, metals, wood. Each material has a different system that requires different coating systems to attain the level of perfect color match.

Color analysis is an important methodology that need to be considered regardless of the applications that ensure the consistency of the colors. Whether it’s aerosols, UV curves, electrodeposition, every application requires different chemistry to analyze the color consistency.

Paints and coatings are manufactured in different industries which are offered by various suppliers, before becoming a part of a supply chain. An accurate color measurement program is used by every manufacturer in order to avoid metamerism, mismatch of colors and costly mistakes. Color Measurement Methodology - Best Approach to Enhance the Quality Giving a broad vision to the coating industry, it is necessary to integrate universal color measurement standards into paint & plating production units for different applications. As coating industries are growing at a faster pace to enhance the annual sale and also to satisfy their customers. Hence, to give high competition to the global market requires cost effective solutions and methodologies.

Color measurement instruments are one of the best solutions that offer a common and practical approach to enhancing the quality control, to diminishes the time wastage and to enhance the overall performance. These products have following advantages:

  • Remove the visual error easily that arises due to human estimation and inadequate lighting.
  • Offers highly accurate, consistent and reliable quality control methods to control the paint operations.
  • Eliminate the need for rework which cause due to mismatch of colors.
  • Assemble data for production review and for quality analysis.
  • Diminishes production time
  • Enhance the quality analysis and overall control

Portable Products

Testronix offers a highly accurate and precise color measurement instruments that help to measure the consistency of the paint color combinations. These instruments include TP110, TP310 and TP800 spectrophotometers.


Testronix offers highly advanced quality management software that maintains the color consistency of various products.


Testronix offers a broad range of accessories that enhance the performance of the color measurement instruments and enhances the quality by accurate measurement of Paint color combinations. The various accessories provided by testronix instruments are Powder Test Box, Built-in White Calibration, Universal Test components, 8mm Extended Measuring Aperture

Success Coated with Vibrant Colors

The paint and plating industry contains enormous challenges that offer best opportunities for the development of various solutions and new technologies. Color plays a significant role in paint and plating industries to provides various opportunities to the customers.

Testronix offers the best color measurement solutions to solve color measurement-related problems. Now, it is easy to control the consistency and the color of the paint and plating products right from the initial stage of production.

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