Majority of your car buying decisions are based on the color schemes of the body. The color of your car greatly influences the purchasing cost, maintenance, repair, and resale. Around seven years of color research and testing is included in fabricating a car color and making it showroom ready. The shades and color designed for the automotive industry are manufactured in such a way that its quality must remain the same for a long time. To ensure that a particular color on the car retains its high-quality appearance for at least a decade, advanced level of automotive color measurements must be conducted.

As a manufacturer, you, your customers and your company’s bottom line must be concerned about the color quality. For any industry, the customer’s perceptions, their choices, are very important. To ensure that the color produced meets your client’s specifications for the first time, and every time without addition of extra production time, resources, or costs, highly accurate color measurement methods are required. A complete color design solution containing the right and standardized testing instruments, color profiling tools such as a light booth for controlled visual inspection, a color measurement device like a spectrophotometer, and much more must be a part of your quality assurance department.

It is very important to ensure that the car showcased in the display matches exactly with its initial color concept. This is not at all a small job in the automotive industry. Starting from small interiors to the outer body of the car, it is colored at distinct stages of construction and the end result should be a perfect matching component joined together. Especially, when sometimes the interior and exterior components are produced across different locations and suppliers. Therefore, an accurate Automotive Color testing instruments are highly required to survive in today’s competition.

Testronix with a long time of experience and knowledge in providing Automotive Color Measurement solutions is a renowned name in the market. We design technologically advanced color testing instruments for automotive component manufacturers. The instruments are highly standardized under international testing standards. They are equipped with latest features to reduce work load and assure accuracy in testing data. We have specially made our tools light weighted and highly portable so that the testing can be conducted anywhere anytime. NO limitations in quality testing operations with Testronix.

Automotive Color Measurement Testing Instruments

Portable Spectrophotometer

Spectrophotometers are the color measuring instruments that have been used in industries and have been serving the needs of the industries related to color quality...

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Portable Color Device

Colors are playing an important role at the industrial level. The colors are used by industries for adding vibrancy to their products.

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Precision Color Device

It is a well-known fact that the colors have a deep impact on humans at a psychological level. The industries need to take this fact very seriously....

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Digital Gloss Meter – Tri-angle

Testronix Digital Gloss Meter Tri-angle is a device which is designed specially to measure the gloss reflection on the surface of the material.

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Color Measurement Accessories

The wide range of color measurement instruments introduced by Testronix is very useful for color quality control.

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D65 Light Box

The color viewing booth is a very important instrument that is used for matching of different products and materials for their colors with a standard reference.

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Color Matching Box and Color Light Box

The color viewing booth is a very important instrument that is used for matching of different products and materials for their colors with a standard reference.

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